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Our classes are offered in multi-week sessions with students committing to 6-12 consecutive classes. There are lots of benefits to committing to a weekly class but we understand that modern life is busy and sometimes unpredictable. So, we offer a generous makeup policy. Any family member may take any other appropriate class within 4 weeks of the original series dates – this means a similar class or something different.

IMGP5062How do I reserve a makeup class? No advanced registration is required to take a make-up class but it an RSVP always appreciated. Simply email to let us know you are coming.

Can I makeup a class in advance? Yes. If you know you will be out of town or will miss class for any reason, feel free to take your makeup class whenever it’s convenient in the same session. This is particularly helpful for prenatal and postnatal students who expect babies to arrive or maternity leaves to end before a session is over. Feel free come more than once a week as your schedule permits.

Breathing-Space-Yoga-2016-Small - 1Can I take [insert class name here] as a makeup? If you or your child falls into the proper age range for the desired makeup class, yes you may. Parents of registered children may take a makeup in Prenatal or Baby & Me Yoga. Your teenager can take a makeup for your toddler and vice-versa, so long as the student attends an appropriate class. Any weekly yoga class is open to make-up students, even if they are marked FULL (though please give us a heads up in that case).

I really can’t attend another class. Are there other options? If taking a makeup class won’t work for you, there are a couple other options:

  1. If there is space in your class, you may bring a friend as your make-up class. Please confirm space availability with your instructor.
  2. You may carry one class over into a subsequent session by taking a registration discount on your next series. Use discount code “seriesmakeup” when registering to take your credit. (Please note: We cannot apply discounts or makeup credits retroactively. This policy does not apply for partial registrations.) 

I really am only able to attend a couple classes, can I drop-in? For adult or parent & pre-crawler classes, yes. That means Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Baby Yoga & Play. See schedule. Makeups are also welcome in these classes, but there are no online reservations for makeups; students should just arrive a few minutes early. We do not allow drop-ins for any class focused on children crawling or older.

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