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Tot does toes-to-nose posePeople are sometimes surprised when I tell them I teach yoga to 2 year olds. “My toddler would never sit still for a yoga class,” they say. I hope no one ever suggests that they should!

Preschooler and Tot yoga classes incorporate lots of playful yoga poses, gross-motor activities, and age-appropriate games, kid-friendly songs and rhymes, and breath awareness exercises, and a little bit of relaxation for both little ones and their parents. We move all over the room, we use props in fun and creative ways, and we engage toddlers and preschoolers in developmentally-appropriate fun.

Sure stillness happens, but we measure that in sweet moments (not minutes).

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is super active/busy. Is this class appropriate for them?

Yep. We move a ton.

Some of our students are always on the go and that’s really quite alright. Some toddlers seriously need to move in order to pay attention. Those are the students parents assure me do the yoga poses at home, just never in class. Sometimes those students join in briefly whenever their favorite activities come up and then go back to running in circles. It’s all good.

My child is shy. Is that ok?

Absolutely. It sometimes takes a few weeks for our more reserved students to get comfortable enough to participate. That’s one of the reasons we offer classes in 6-10 week series rather than drop-in. Toddlers need time to get used to a space, a group of people and an instructor.

Even once they are comfortable, some more reserved little ones may be more watchers than doers in class. That doesn’t mean they are not learning and they may be more inclined to practice at home.

My child doesn’t follow directions or is easily distracted. Is that ok?

Yep. Our instructors are prepared for typical toddler behaviors and don’t expect your child to be anything except who they are.

Do we need a yoga mat?

Nope. We only use mats at the end of class for relaxation. We have plenty to share if you’d rather not bring yours.

Do parents participate? Will I get a workout?

We do expect parent participation. The more yoga you do in class the more your child will do.

While parents should expect to move quite a lot, we will be doing yoga appropriate for 21 month old toddlers to 4 year old preschoolers, so it’s probably not a workout.

Can Grandma/Nanny/Dad/Aunt etc attend?

I know a lot of toddler activities are referred to as “mommy and me,” but we welcome all of your child’s grownups in class and it doesn’t have to be the same grown up every time. (Though consistency appreciated by your child and helps the class routine, so we request to too much variation in grownups please). On weekends, we often have both parents in class and sometimes second grownups turn up during the week too. Please come.

Is this safe for me if I’m pregnant/have special conditions?

Poses and activities are designed with toddlers/preschoolers in mind. While your instructor will likely be able to make suggestions, we expect adults to take care of their own bodies during class. It’s rarely a problem. Pregnant moms often skip or modify belly-down poses and anything else that doesn’t feel right and adults with special conditions adjusting accordingly.

The biggest challenge is probably for adults who have significant difficulty getting up and down from the floor. I’ve had mobility-challenged caregivers, usually older nannies or grandparents, do very few of the poses with no problem. My suggestion is to try it and see how it goes. Do note that both our weekday classes are down a flight of stairs. Our Saturday class venue is handicap accessible.

What if we have to miss a class?

That will probably happen at some point. Our classes, like most activities for children, register by the semester and parents pay for a set of classes, regardless of whether they ultimately attend. We have a pretty flexible makeup policy and allow students to attend any appropriate class during the semester to make up ones they miss. You are also welcome to bring a friend as your makeup and carry one class value forward into the next series.

I’m really not sure if this class is for me/my child. Can we drop-in or do a trial class?

We don’t offer trial classes during the regular session. Drop-ins can be disruptive to the class routine.  Since it often takes several classes for a child to settle in, dropping in once is not really the best indicator of whether your child will enjoy class. However, we get that it can be tough to commit to a class when you can’t imagine what happens or how your child will react, so:

  1. We occasionally offer trial/drop-in days, when the teacher will spend a little extra time explaining the class routine and parents get a chance to see a class in action.
  2. We have a no-risk refund policy. If you register for a class and decide for any reason it’s a bad fit for you, your child, or your schedule, and you decide early in the series, you can drop the class and get a prorated refund. See details.

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