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YBE_1C-Logo-Black-1600xBreathing Space offers a childbirth education curriculum created by Your Birth Experience because we understand that only YOU have the power to create YOUR ideal birth experience. 

Your YBE Instructor will help you understand YOUR most important needs and desires for YOUR birth. Whether you plan to birth at home, in a birth center or hospital, medicated or unmedicated, Your Birth Experience allows you to create your own positive and memorable experience. Our classes prepare and equip you to be informed, empowered and confident that you can achieve your birth goals and be an active participant and decision maker in your birth experience.

CCybeparentguideFRONTYour journey, not ours – Our goal is to set you up to have a positive and profound birth experience, regardless of your method of delivery. There are many factors that play into a positive experience. This will look different for each family. Your Birth Experience helps you understand the physiological process of normal birth, while also offering non-biased information about interventions and options you might encounter in your birth setting.

Your Childbirth Education Class tuition includes the Your Birth Experience Parent Guide and workbook. Your YBE Instructor will walk you through a journal incorporating multiple birthing mindsets, presented in a very simple and understandable way. You will be prepared with the mindset and skills for navigating childbirth on YOUR terms. Your parent guide is your swiss army knife for an empowering birth.

All that and then some – Your Birth Experience includes all the crucial details of how labor unfolds (physically and emotionally), understanding your options, communicating your preferences, envisioning your birth and preparing for YOUR birth experience. You will also dive into aspects of your personality and decision-making process, positive imagery, creating a birth vision statement, physical and mental preparation and relaxation.

We are able to offer weeknight or weekend workshops for our 4.5-hour presentation in private or small group format. Pricing for our small group workshops is $180 per couple or $85 per hour for private sessions.

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