Postnatal Yoga and Fitness

Baby & Me Yoga ClassBreathing Space offers several types of classes for parents and newborns:

  • Baby Yoga & Play – focused on the parent-child experience with some gentle movement for mom/caregiver.
  • Postnatal Yoga  a modified hatha/vinyasa class for new moms six-weeks to 2 years postpartum to rebuild fitness, center and relax, and connect with other new parents (pre-crawling babies welcome).
  • Babywearing Yoga and Dance  a blend of babywearing-friendly dance and yoga conditioning for parents to rebuild fitness, center and relax, while having fun with baby.

Baby Yoga & Play: Newborn to Nearly Crawling

Rebecca Gitter teaches baby yoga classBreathing Space Baby Yoga & Play features fun yoga-inspired postures and movements as well as calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding and improve baby’s sleep. Babies enjoy yoga while on their backs, tummies, or held in loving arms. Most of the yoga we do in Baby Yoga is for baby, but parents will get to do a little bit of moving and stretching as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. No yoga is experience required. For parents, this class is a special opportunity to learn songs and activities to use at home, to meet other moms and dads, get support, and get to know baby’s emerging personality. Class is most appropriate from about 6 weeks to nearly crawling. This is a great class for dads, grandmas and other caregivers to enjoy moving with baby. See our Baby Yoga Frequently Asked Questions and Top 5 Reasons to do Yoga with Your Infant

moms doing yoga with babyPostnatal Yoga

Coming Summer 2017! These classes are designed for postpartum moms to gently and safely regain strength, tone, and endurance after pregnancy and birth. We will use strength- and flexibility-building postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to address common physical complaints and mental/emotional stressors during the postpartum/new-parent period. Pre-crawling babies (and their voices) are welcome, but this class is distinctly for grownups. Recommend after 6 weeks postpartum with healthcare provider clearance. No previous yoga experience is required.

  • Postnatal Core Yoga focuses on rebuilding core strength and supporting good posture.
  • Prenatal-Postnatal Flow Yoga is an adapted vinyasa class for both prenatal and postpartum moms.


babywearing dance classBabywearing Dance & Yoga

Coming Summer 2017! This class is a blend of zumba-esque dancing to contemporary pop music, yoga conditioning, and relaxation. You will get a workout and have fun with your baby. babywearing dance class Most appropriate from about 6 weeks (or when mom is cleared for moderate exercise) and as long as baby is happy in a carrier. Bring a soft-bodied front-carrier or wrap to class so both arms can be used for dancing. Babywearing soothes your little one and promotes bonding, plus they love the music!

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