Our public weekly prenatal and postnatal yoga classes - including Baby Yoga & Play -  can be reserved one at a time or using a multi-class pass. Please set up an online account and pay for your drop-in class in advance. Our registration site is mobile friendly and accepts drop-in payments right up until class starts. Most of our class venues do… Continue Reading How to Drop-in to Prenatal, Postnatal or Baby Classes

Our kids and family yoga classes incorporate appropriate poses, games, stories, and songs to encourage children (and their caregivers) to celebrate moving creatively and mindfully in their bodies, while having fun. Fall session will run from Sept 12-Dec 9, with weekend classes ending Nov 22 and no class Columbus Day weekend. Still time to join us: Pricing… Continue Reading Fall 2015 Kids & Family Class Registration is Open

Jessica has been practicing yoga and living on Capitol Hill for over 20 years. She’s dedicated her entire professional career to teaching: French, Spanish, PE, early childhood and yoga! Jessica is a yoga instructor and certified personal fitness trainer. She teaches vinyasa flow, mixed levels and fundamentals yoga at Results Gym, the Hill Center, the Corner… Continue Reading Meet Jessica – Adult Yoga Instructor

Updated: May 15, 2014 With the debut of our new registration system, all adult classes, including prenatal, will offer a partial registration class bundle. We still have full session registration and we also have a monthly membership. What are your options? Session Registration - $14 per class, total cost depends on length of session Commit to… Continue Reading More Flexible Adult Yoga

The full moon has long captured the human imagination and features pominantly in many cultural traditions. The gravitational moon governs our tides, and many believe, our moods. In yoga, the energetic effects of the full moon and new moon has significance and, in the Ashtanga tradition, marks days of total rest from practice. The Ashtanga… Continue Reading Moon Salutation – Chandra Namaskar – and the Year of the Supermoon

We know that pictures sell. Why? People need a story and a visual is extremely helpful in telling a story. This picture tells a story: Kids and parents can identify with the participants in this photo. When combined with others of camp, they get a sense of what their day would be like and are… Continue Reading Resolving to Take Better Yoga Photos in 2014

Grossly simplified, William Broad of the New York Times, who last year made the charge that yoga could cause paralysis and death, is now blaming the practice for an increase in hip-replacements in not-so-old women. So, William Broad is again being lambasted in yoga circles - nice thoughtful posts too - for shoddy reporting, imprecise… Continue Reading Why You Shouldn’t Let the NY Times Wreck Your Yoga

Sun salutation is the first sequence most yoga students learn. Moving through the positions with your breath can be both calming and invigorating. It is often the buildng block of vinyasa flow classes and there are hundreds of posible variations from the essential form. Learning the Basic Form The basic sun salutation tends to follow… Continue Reading Yoga 101: Sun Salutations

This post was originally published as Capitol Hill Yoga's Pose of the Month in April 2013. Utthita Parsvakonasana - Side Angle Pose It’s a standing pose introduced in most beginners yoga class, yet its classic form and variations continue to challenge me years after first encountering it. Uttita Parsvakonasa (extended side angle pose) is one… Continue Reading Yoga 101: Utthita Parsvakonasana – Extended Side Angle Pose

Our kids and family yoga classes require full session registration and, while we allow single class drop-ins to our prenatal and postnatal classes, we encourage adult students make the same commitment and here's why: Building a habit takes consistency and humans often need accountability to get that. By committing to attend every week you establish that… Continue Reading Four Reasons to Commit to a Weekly Yoga Class?

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