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Thank you so much for sharing your kids and family yoga experience with us. We're having a wonderful summer so far and hope you'll be joining us for great classes and camps we have planned. The biggest change for Breathing Space in coming months is that we've decided to let go of the 1123 Penn location… Continue Reading Returning to Our Community Roots

by Alexandra Hughes Can you remember what you expected motherhood to be like? Did it look like you holding quiet baby on a rocking chair, looking longingly into each others’ eyes? Did it look like you putting baby down with ease and bidding baby goodnight as he wafted into a peaceful 8-hour rest? Did it… Continue Reading Is Motherhood Not What You Expected It To Be?

The above infographic by Huffington Post is a beautiful illustration of the benefits of yoga - from one class to a practice of years. After Class: Improved Brain Function. Lower Stress Levels. Alter Gene Expression. Increased Flexibility. After A Few Months: Lower Blood Pressure. Improved Lung Capacity Improved Sexual Function. Reduced Chronic Neck Pain. Anxiety… Continue Reading How Yoga Transforms Your Body; How Yoga Transforms Lives

Our kids and family yoga classes require full session registration and, while we allow single class drop-ins to our prenatal and postnatal classes, we encourage adult students make the same commitment and here's why: Building a habit takes consistency and humans often need accountability to get that. By committing to attend every week you establish that… Continue Reading Four Reasons to Commit to a Weekly Yoga Class?

"Babies don't need yoga. They're fine the way they are," was the comment made in my presence by another yoga teacher not that long ago. I totally agree, I also wholeheartedly advocate for and teach mom & baby classes. Smiling Child's Pose by flickr user lululemon athletica Babies are often described as natural yogis because they… Continue Reading Do Babies Need Yoga? Why Take A Baby Yoga Class

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest   While I love them, I don't read as many Dr. Suess books in my kids yoga classes as you might think. Unless you've regularly read bedtime stories to a skilled bedtime avoider (so they always start a little later than you'd like), you might not realize that Dr.… Continue Reading 30 Dr. Seuss Quotes that Can Change Your Life

 “I ride the metro with God.” That was the thought that struck me at the end of chapter 7 of Donna Farhi’s Bringing Yoga to Life. The thought drove home the magnitude of creation, the sheer magnitude of Grace manifested into the diversity of this reality and its potential for constant rediscovery of the Self.… Continue Reading Cultivating a Sense of Wonder

In her #reverb10 prompt this morning, Gwen Bell asked participants to define 2010 in one word. Mine is "transition." While 2009 was actually the year in which I left my full time job, it was in 2010 that I really attempted to figure out what that meant. I began a yoga teacher training program and… Continue Reading Transition

A lovely room that does not resemble Jen's regular practice space. Originally uploaded by beauty that moves. My yoga home practice space is not a room dedicated to yoga and meditation with a lovely alter or plenty of wall space for practicing inversions. I live in an old 3 bedroom row house housing 3 adults… Continue Reading Sacred Space

Some mornings can seem rather cold and uninviting.  But compared to  yesterday morning? Not so much. Snowmageddon, Snowpacolypse, snOMG!, pick-your-nickname-for-the-blizzard, hit Washington DC on Friday night and looks like it has shut us down at least through today and possibly tomorrow.  Somewhere north of 2 feet of snow fell in our yard between Friday afternoon… Continue Reading Snowmageddon 2010

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