In some cultures, parents have been massaging their babies for millennia. In modern western cultures, researchers have confirmed many of the developmental benefits of the infant massage tradition - from improved growth and sleep to social emotional development or bonding and more. As massage has become more popular in the age of YouTube, you might… Continue Reading Why Take a Class to Learn Infant Massage?

by Alexandra Hughes Can you remember what you expected motherhood to be like? Did it look like you holding quiet baby on a rocking chair, looking longingly into each others’ eyes? Did it look like you putting baby down with ease and bidding baby goodnight as he wafted into a peaceful 8-hour rest? Did it… Continue Reading Is Motherhood Not What You Expected It To Be?

Babies thrive on loving touch. Parents and caregivers have known the importance of skin-to-skin contact for millenia, but it's only been in recent times that science has begun studying and trying to quantify the amazing  power of massage and other touch techniques: Improved Sleep Patterns Infants who were massaged before bedtime adjusted to a more favorable… Continue Reading 5 Benefits of Infant Massage According to the Research


By Kimberly Hawley, MA, MPH, CLEC So you are pregnant, and it seems like you have a million things to do to prepare for your baby. Between your prenatal appointments, preparing for birth, and preparing your house and life for the new addition, a prenatal breastfeeding class might just seem like one more “to do” that… Continue Reading Why Take a Prenatal Breastfeeding Class?

Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes contain dozens of unique yoga postures designed to support baby’s development. Each class is filled with calming, nurturing ways to enhance bonding and improve baby’s sleep. During a Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga class, babies enjoy yoga while on their backs, tummies, or held in loving arms. For parents, this class is… Continue Reading Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Babies – 3 Week Series

"Babies don't need yoga. They're fine the way they are," was the comment made in my presence by another yoga teacher not that long ago. I totally agree, I also wholeheartedly advocate for and teach mom & baby classes. Smiling Child's Pose by flickr user lululemon athletica Babies are often described as natural yogis because they… Continue Reading Do Babies Need Yoga? Why Take A Baby Yoga Class

If you’ve never taken your 2-year-old to a yoga class, you might have trouble imagining what we do there. If you just don’t think your active toddler will stay on a yoga mat for 45 minutes, you are totally right and it’s totally ok! In kids yoga, we MOVE! We march; we hop; we skip; we gallop.… Continue Reading What is preschool yoga class like?

My daughter attended all nine Anusara Yoga Immersion Weekends - but only one on the outside.  First cold weather car ride on Flickr Back in February at the same time we decided it was finally time to have a baby, I signed up for a nine month Anusara Immersion program. For the past eight months, I… Continue Reading Yoga Weekend – Reflecting on Yoga During Pregnancy

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