Grossly simplified, William Broad of the New York Times, who last year made the charge that yoga could cause paralysis and death, is now blaming the practice for an increase in hip-replacements in not-so-old women. So, William Broad is again being lambasted in yoga circles - nice thoughtful posts too - for shoddy reporting, imprecise… Continue Reading Why You Shouldn’t Let the NY Times Wreck Your Yoga

The above infographic by Huffington Post is a beautiful illustration of the benefits of yoga - from one class to a practice of years. After Class: Improved Brain Function. Lower Stress Levels. Alter Gene Expression. Increased Flexibility. After A Few Months: Lower Blood Pressure. Improved Lung Capacity Improved Sexual Function. Reduced Chronic Neck Pain. Anxiety… Continue Reading How Yoga Transforms Your Body; How Yoga Transforms Lives

photo by flickr user ncindc / cc 2.0 Liz Wolgemuth of U.S. News and World Reports pretty much summed it up for me with: "When you put off exercise until your workday is finished, the abundance of scheduling conflicts that arise can be positively mind-boggling." If you have children and yoga practice with them around… Continue Reading Why Practice Yoga in The Morning?

Growth of yoga for children being offered in school has paralleled the explosive growth of yoga for adults being practiced in studios, gyms, and community centers around the country. Even elementary school kids deal with a lot of stress these days. As I let my 3rd-5th grade after-school yoga class into the room this past… Continue Reading Yoga IN School?

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