Tot Yoga – Thu @ Realignment Studio, Feb-Mar 2018

This is a supportive, fun-loving, and active yoga class for crawling babies to 24 month old toddlers and their parent/caregiver. This class is all about your new mover. Crawlers and walkers learn poses, songs, and games while they explore new movement and social skills. Parents fully participate in class but no yoga experience or yoga mat is required. Simply wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to move.

Winter 2018 Thursday series with Rebecca will run from Feb 8-Mar 15, $108 for 6 classes.

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  • Comprehension of words relies on areas of the brain associated with motor control as well as ‘classic’ language centers …” – Neuroscience News
  • Motor development skills have been linked to mathematical reasoning in later childhood.

Learn more about yoga for tots on our Early Childhood Yoga page or read Benefits of Yoga for Babies & Toddlers.