Prenatal and Postnatal Class Pricing

Our public prenatalpostnatal yoga classes – including Baby & Me Yoga – welcome drop-in students.

  • Pay by the class:  Single class drop-ins for prenatal or postnatal classes cost $20 + 0.0575% sales tax of $1.15 = $21.15. Single class is good for 90 days from date of purchase.
  • mom and baby centeringMulti-class flex-passes: When students commit to take 10 classes, they are eligible for a per class discounts. At $18 per class, a 10-class flex pass costs $180 + 0.0575% sales tax of $10.35 = $190.35. Valid for 6 months from purchase in any prenatal or postnatal class, including Baby & Me.
  • Baby & Me Series registration:
    • Parents can also commit to a series of 6-8 consecutive classes for the same discount as the 10-class flex pass. For example, 5 classes is $90 + $5.18 tax = $95.18.
    • Series registration is available for the first 1/3 of the series only. After that point, students may still drop in, but discounted registration is not available. Series makeup policies apply.
  • Unlimited Prenatal/Postnatal Membership: At $75 per month with a minimum 3-month commitment, membership offers the cheapest per class price. A membership pass is valid in any weekly prenatal or postnatal yoga class, including Baby & Me Yoga. Membership auto-renews until cancelled with at least 15 days notice.Memberships may be frozen for 6 weeks upon birth of a baby. Simply notify us and freeze will be effective from baby’s birthdate.
  • All prices at checkout include 5.75% fitness tax.