What is your tax id? Can you fill out my flexible spending paperwork forms?

We put our Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) on all our receipts, so check there. The receipt may be all you need for reimbursement.  If you can’t locate your receipt. Please send a request by email.

If you need forms signed, you can personally get them signed by any of our lead instructors on the day of camp or you can leave them with a pre-addressed stamped envelope for return.

If you will attend a subsequent camp or class, it may be possible to have them left for you to pick up. Unfortunately, we can’t arrange pickup times for forms outside of camp/class times because we are only open when programming occurs.

If you need to mail your forms for signature, please send them with a with a stamped envelope for return to: Breathing Space, 713 14th Street SE, Washington DC 20003

Please do not email forms.