What should my camper bring?

Campers do not have to bring their own yoga mats, but are welcome to do so. In addition campers need the following supplies:

  • Morning Snack;
  • Lunch;
    **no tree nuts or peanuts please**
  • optional afternoon snack (if staying for games);
  • Water bottle;
  • Yoga class – shorts under skirts please – and outdoor weather appropriate clothing;
  • Walking shoes – no flip-flops, open heal crocs or clogs or and balletĀ flats;
  • Sunscreen should be pre-applied if needed;
  • Swimsuits and a change of clothing on water play days (typically 2 days Tuesday-Friday depending on weather);
  • A backpack in which your camper can comfortably carry their own lunch, water bottle and towel (for waterplay days).

PK4 campers need the following additional items:

  • Nap mat or blanket for rest timeĀ (K campers can opt into nap during PK-4th weeks too);
  • A change of underwear, pants, and socks.