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See our “How to Register for Camp” instructions for more about kids yoga camp.

Registering for Classes Online

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any trouble with the registration system.

Create a YogaReg Account

The first step to registering for class is to create a YogaReg account in your name and add your child(ren) as a family member(s).

The account username, contact information, and waiver should belong to an adult. Your family members are part of your account so you can make a purchase for them and view/manage their schedules.


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Please include the best phone number for reaching you. Feel free to put your cell phone number in place of your home number. A work phone number is a good idea if your child will attend Breathing Space Family Yoga programs while you are at the office. We will not use your phone number except to reach you about your child or your registrations and we will not share it with anyone else.


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Your contact information will be associated with all family member registrations so please include the best phone numbers and email address for reaching you and a secondary emergency contact if you are registering a child for camp.

When registering for camp or a kids yoga class, you will have an option to choose your child instead of “self”.

How to Sign up for a Class Session

Navigate to the right “Registration Session” (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, etc) and “Weekly Class Name” on our Weekly Classes page. Use the filters to narrow your search results. Choose only Registration Session if you wish to see all of our classes.


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Choose the student* you wish to register from the drop-down menu and click “Add to Cart.” If you are not seeing this option, you probably are not logged-in.

Please register for kids / family classes in the child’s name. You can add family members from the “My Account” option on the “My Info” drop-down menu.


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Make a PayPal Payment

We use PayPal for online credit card processing. You can make a payment with or without using a PayPal account. Simply choose “Pay with my PayPal account” and follow the prompts, after which you will be returned to YogaReg, or choose “Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit” to pay by credit card without an account.
Paypal Checkout
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How to Drop In to a  Prenatal / Postnatal / Pilates Mat or Adult Yoga Series Class

Our public prenatalpostnatal, and adult yoga or Pilates  series classes prioritize full series registration, but if there are unregistered spots in class, drop-in students are welcome to attend.

  1. Check that your desired class is not marked “FULL” in the registration system or in the notes field on our google calendar;
  2. Purchase a single drop-in credit;
  3. Arrive at your desired class a few minutes ahead of time.

There is no online reservation option for drop-ins but it is always best to RSVP.

No single class drop-ins to any class for children/teens from crawling or older or any class marked “FULL” in the title or notes field.

Managing your YogaReg Account

How to Edit Your Account Info

YogaReg MyInfo Page

  • From your account profile, choose “Edit Personal Info” at bottom right.

YogaReg Edit Info View

  • If you want to be super helpful, note your child’s DOB, school, grade, and any other notes in the “Health Issues” field, which appears on our rosters.

How to Pay Your Account Balance

If you have an account balance for any reason, you can pay it online:

  • Log in to your account on YogaReg
  • Go to the “My Info: My Account” menu item.
  • YogaReg MyInfo PageAt the top center of your account summary should be notation of any balance with a link to make payment:

Balance Due: $ XXX.00   make payment

Yogareg Make Payment View

  • Click the make payment link and follow the instructions.

If you aren’t sure what all you have paid for, click the ”   Transaction History” link at the bottom of the account summary page.

How to See Your Transaction History

YogaReg MyInfo Page

Transaction History View


How to Add or Edit Family Members

YogaReg MyInfo PageFind the “Add Family Member” link or “Edit” any family member profile from the links on the bottom left.

Edit Family View

If you want to be super helpful, note your child’s DOB, school, grade, and any other notes in the “Health Issues” field, which appears on our rosters.

How to Check Current and Upcoming Registrations

From the purchase list, you’ll seen any registrations for weekly series classes – including any dropped in the current semester – camps, or workshops.

If you request a drop, the system sends and email to us and you’ll hear back shortly.

Paper Registration

If you would prefer to register by paper and pay by check, please complete contact form and liability release for all participants, indicate the time and dates of the class by the class name and/or pass type requested on the form, and enclose payment for the full session or pass when you mail your registration to:

Breathing Space Family Yoga
713 14th Street SE
Washington DC 20003

Participant or Parent/Caregiver Release

Every yoga student must have a contact form and liability release on file, either via the registration site or on paper. Child participant waivers must be signed by the parent and should include contact information of any caregiver who will be attending.

Online Security and Privacy

Your online privacy is important to us. Read more about our privacy policy and how we keep your financial data safe.


See also Class Tips, Fees & Policies and Tips for New Students.

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