Yoga for Families & Children

What is a Kids or Family Yoga Class Like?

preschooler family yoga - dad and daughter

While many of the poses will look familiar to adult yogis, a kids class is structured very differently than an adult hatha yoga class. How?

  • We incorporate lots of songs and games.
  • There’s much more emphasis on social interaction.
  • We use many props never found in an adult class: hula hoops, balloons, scarfs, crayons, and more.
  • Many classes incorporate story telling or books.

Class themes vary according to student interests and instructor creativity. Possibilities include the following themes:

  • philosophical – kindness, honesty, courage, respect, discipline, generosity;
  • natural – change of seasons, growth & change, elements: water, earth, wind fire;
  • tween camp 1life events and places – holidays, travel, a visit to the zoo, jungle safari, desert adventure.

Current and Upcoming Sessions

Our kids and family classes run in multi-week sessions, meaning students sign up consecutive weeks of classes. This commitment allows students to learn poses and build skills from week to week and helps create a safe environment for exploration and learning. No drop-ins for children’s (toddler and older) or family classes. Read more.



If students must miss a class, they are welcome to do makeups in any other appropriate class on our schedule. Alternatively, family members are welcome to take a makeup class in any appropriate series. See attendance and makeup policies.

Classes by Age Range and Type

Early Childhood Yoga

Preschool, Toddler Yoga

All our early childhood classes are taught family-style. Up to two parents may attend these class with the registered child. Preschooler Family Yoga welcomes younger siblings: walkers-21 months are half price, no charge for infants. Learn more about early childhood classes.

Family Yoga

Family is structured like an age-appropriate kids class with an emphasis on poses and activities for parents and children to do together. Age ranges and sibling policies vary.

Early Childhood Yoga and Family Yoga classes are registered per child. No charge for up to two parents/caregivers attending.

Kids, Tweens, Preteen/Teen ClassesYogaCamp-Aug31 - 6 (6)

Yoga helps children learn techniques for concentrating, reducing stress, and connecting to their bodies in a loving way while having fun. Our kids and tween classes incorporate age-appropriate poses, breathing, movement, games, music, and art.

Tree PoseClasses often revolve around a philosophical or natural theme and always include some form of quiet relaxation.

Kids and tween to teen classes not listed as family classes are for children only. Family members are kindly asked not to watch class.

School-based or Homeschool Classes

Breathing Space offers classes at schools and daycares and during the school day for children outside of the traditional school setting.

School-based class might be offered as extra-cirrikculars or during the regularly scheduled day. Learn more about scheduling a class at your child’s school

Homeschooler classes might be on our public schedule so anyone can register or for a private homeschool group, at their venue or one we organize.