Early Childhood Yoga – crawling through 4 years

Yoga helps babies, toddlers, and preschoolers explore movement milestones, gain confidence, build strength and fitness, learn a tool for self-regulation, connect with parents and caregivers, and set the foundation for healthy body attitudes and a fit lifestyle.

Preschool, Toddler YogaBreathing Space tot and preschool classes feature a mix age-appropriate yoga poses, songs, stories and games. We focus on:
  • moving and having fun,
  • exercises that enhance
    • coordination,
    • strength
    • and good posture,Breathing Space Baby and Tot 584
  • brain-boosting activities, including connecting movements to words and music,
  • breath awareness, and
  • relaxation.

These parent-child classes are engaging and fun, encouraging each child to embrace their own unique expression of yoga poses while supporting their development and growth (Nannies, grandparents, and other caregivers welcome too).

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Tot Yoga: Crawlers and Early Walkers

Breathing Space Baby and Tot 554Tot Yoga (crawling-24 months) classes are engaging and fun. We encourage each child to embrace their own unique expression of yoga poses while supporting their development and growth. Parents and children playfully move together through poses, songs, and activities appropriate for crawlers and earlier walkers.

Parent testimonial:

“[Yoga] class is without question a highlight of our week.  There are few things that could pull us so easily from a cozy bed on Saturday morning!  Our daughter was seven months when we started, and she has only grown more and more interested and engaged each week.  Jen creates a warm environment for babies to play and learn, consistently introducing new concepts, exercises and experiences that make every session different.  She also welcomes both parents to participate, and it has become a wonderful way for us to start our weekend together as a family.”

Preschool Yoga: Confident Walkers and Runners

Tot - downdogYoga can help preschoolers (21 months-4 years) learn how to relieve frustration, improve motor skills, and increase attention span by actively following directions.

Classes encourage social interaction, repetition, and play. We incorporate imagination, songs, words and stories and age-appropriate postures and activities to support your preschooler’s growth and development while creating an enriching parent/child activity.

Younger siblings are always welcome in preschooler yoga. Siblings older than 1 year can register at half price; no charge for non-walking infants.

Toddler Family Yoga (steady walkers-3 years)Scarf play in preschool yoga

The only difference between this class and the other two is the age range. Because this class is open to fast-moving 2.5-3 yr olds, it is not as appropriate for crawlers and early walkers. Class activities in all three classes are adapted to the students enrolled, so simply pick the appropriate age range class that fits your schedule.


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