Late Registration – Kids & Family Yoga

screen shot of registration siteIf there is space in classes, we welcome late registration for the first half of a class series. There are three steps to getting signed up:

  1. Create an account in our registration system;
  2. Save a credit card on file for us to charge (see instructions below);
  3. Send a request by email or by using the form below to be added to a class.

Late registration is often possible on site. If a class description does not say that the series is full and there are half the classes left, simply turn up to register. Setting up an account in advance does make things simpler. Thanks.

Late Registration Request Form

Parent/Guardian Name:
2nd Child:
2nd Age:
3rd Child:
3rd Age:
Word Verification:

How to Save Your Credit Card Into Your Registration Account Profile

In order to save your credit card to your profile, you must log in directly to the registration tool. It can’t be done from the interface on the URL. Once on Mindbody, you will see the following screens:

 MBO account settings screenshot

From your account profile, choose the middle or right columns to add billing information or family members.



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Late Registration

Did you miss a kids or family class series start date? Find out how to sign up.

Prenatal, postnatal & baby yoga (pre-crawler) classes are on-going. Join anytime.

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