Baby & Toddler Yoga Classes

Parent-child classes forming for Summer 2019

Prenatal Yoga

Weekly classes to build strength & flexibility, enhance focus,

Baby Sign Language

Learn to use ASL vocabulary for communication with babies and toddlers! Parent workshops or weekly baby & toddler class starting in the fall.

Preparing for Baby

Our prenatal Beyond the Bump workshop series covers wellness and parenting topics for new families: breastfeeding, baby care, normal infant sleep, postnatal recovery, planning for new parenthood and more. 

Kids Yoga Summer Camp

Fun and learning through yoga movement classes, mindfulness activities, relaxation, games, crafts, field trips and outdoor time.  Just a few spots remain!

Breathing Space supports healthy families through yoga and wellness education for all ages.

New Fit4Mom Parternship!

Busy parents know that exercise is good for us – health, energy level, mood . . . But making time to take care of ourselves while also caring for little ones is hard. That's why Breathing Space excited to partner with Fit4Mom to offer DC mamas a special discount. View...

Fall Classes Enrolling

Yoga for children supports motor skills, language acquisition, and social-emotional development while having fun. Yoga classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (0-4-years) incorporate playful, age appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, movement games,...

Benefits of Bubbles

Kids love bubbles.  Its no secret. From babies to older children, the little circles of soap are magic.  Those of you who have taken our early childhood classes know we end each class with “resting and bubbles,” and if you’ve sent kids to camp, you know we often bring...

Expanded Breathing Space Birth & Baby Programming

Jen and the original Breathing Space baby. Breathing Space started out back in 2009 as toddler family yoga classes offered by a single instructor. Over the years we've added camps and classes and expanded to a team of teachers. We are about to shift again and...

You Do Not Have to Explain Your Parenting Choices to Me

Parenting is hard. Caring for and guiding other humans is hard. For most decisions parents must make, there is no single right answer. Breast or bottle? Crib or co-sleep? Daycare or stay-at-home parent? Screens or no screens? These are just a few of the many (oh my...

Singing in Kids Yoga – Fun and Beneficial

Parents in our early childhood yoga classes have probably noticed that we sing a lot in class . . .  a lot. Some parents (and newer kids yoga teachers, even) are hesitant to sing because we are concerned we won't sound wonderful. Our modern culture has relegated music...

Experienced Parents Reading List

This spring I published a new parents reading list, covering lots of newborn and infant topics. But what about those of us raising bigger kids? Here are a few books I find useful and interesting (affiliate links): The Self-Driven Child: The Science and Sense of Giving...

What is Baby Yoga & Play?

Our class is a little different . . . . There are a lot of yoga studios advertising parent & baby classes, but it's sometimes hard to tell from the descriptions what will actually happen in class. Some instructors focus exclusively on mom. They keep the lights low...

What to Pack for Summer Camp

Questions about what to bring to camp are common. A full list is below and there are some important considerations and how campers are prepared can make a big difference in ensuring a smooth and fun camp day: Yes, children can bring a special stuffy for rest time or...

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