Massage is a great way to connect to your baby. Studies have shown infant massage can help babies sleep better, gain weight, reduce fussiness, improve health and relax. Breathing Space offers live group classes OR self-paced online course options.

1. Infant massage helps you bond with your baby.

Massage is an inherently intimate activity, and it invites us to slow down and be present with our baby. You’ll get to learn what your baby enjoys, study their body language, and get cozy together.  And its not just about being present with your baby and doing something nice. Skin to skin touch releases chemicals in baby’s brain (and yours!) that increase security, attachment, and comfort.  The effects of massage extend far beyond the time you spend actually massaging baby!

2. It adds tools to your parenting tool box. 

Babies have a talent for making new parents feel helpless.  On so many occasions, we don’t know what to do for them.  Massage gives us concrete skills to help soothe baby’s nervous system, aide in digestion, and provide gentle stimulation.  It might not solve all your problems, but it will give you more tools to work with.

3. You’ll learn about infant behavior and development.  

In talking about massage, we also discuss what responses you might typically expect, why we do the things we do, and ways to support typical infant behavior and development.  This knowledge can help inform your parenting decisions in other aspects of your family life, and provide reassurance when things feel challenging.

4. It might help you get more sleep.

Studies have shown that massage, when performed regularly, can help regulate babies’ sleep cycle.  Babies may fall asleep more easily, sleep more deeply with fewer wakings, or wake up more rested and alert.  Better sleep for baby means better sleep for you!

5. It’s relaxing for YOU.  

Massaging your infant doesn’t just relax baby.  It also relaxes you!  That’s a great feeling on its own, but there are even bigger benefits.  Because infants are still co-regulating, when caregivers tend to their own nervous systems and can be relaxed and calm, their babies also have an easier time feeling settled.  This has a ripple effect throughout the day.  

New in-person Infant Massage classes are forming now.  An online course is also available for families who prefer to stay at home, or whose schedules don’t line up with our classes.

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