Tips for New Students – Yoga Classes on Capitol Hill

Congratulations on starting your yoga practice! We are so pleased you will be joining us for classes.

  • Location: Public classes are held in a variety of venues on Capitol Hill. Please note the location in the class description when you register.
  • Please be aware of classes that may be in session. We schedule 15 minutes between most classes. If are early and there is a class immediately before yours, please be sure that it has concluded before entering.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail if you have any questions before the course.

Our main contact information is:

  • telephone: (202) 599-0434
  • inquiries [at] breathingspacedc [dot] com
    *replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with .

Find out more about each of our instructors.

We can’t wait to get started!

Tips for a Great Yoga Class

  • What to wear: Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that are not too loose. For prenatal and postnatal classes, it is important that you be comfortable but that your instructor be able to see the alignment of your joints while you are doing yoga poses. Please note that yoga is done in bare feet.
  • Bring: A yoga mat and water. Most venues have mats to loan but you may wish to invest in your own.  Any other necessary yoga props will be provided for your convenience, but you may, of course, bring your own if you prefer them.

Our Tot Yoga and Preschooler Family Yoga are an exception. We do not use mats except for final relaxation and occasional games. Feel free to leave your mat at home.

Baby Yoga & Play classes do use mats, but most venues have enough to lend if you’d rather not carry one. Do plan to bring a small blanket to cover our mats/blankets and a small toy to use during class.

  • Please no shoes in the studio: Too keep floors clean, our venues request that you not enter the main classroom wearing your shoes. Please take a moment to remove them before walking in and feel free to ask for help if your hands are full.
  • Avoid: Wearing strong scents such as perfumes, deodorants, essential oils, or cologne. Please ensure that your mat, clothes, and body are odor-free to help maintain the purity of the practice space and enjoyment for everyone.
  • Get there early: Please arrive 10-15 minutes early on your first day to address any administrative questions and settle in. Children especially.
  • Please turn your cell phone off. Even a vibrate setting can be disruptive during quiet moments in class.
  • Communicate: If you have any injuries or limitations, please notify your instructor before class begins so they can help you stay safe.

For families with children:

  • Let Go of Expectations: We don’t expect full participation by children, and sometimes hardly any on the first day. Some children will be most comfortable observing and some might even wander the room and appear not to be participating. This is all developmentally appropriate and totally fine. Yes, try to engage your child in class, but feel free to simply relax and enjoy your child however they choose to participate.
  • Parent Participation: Parents should plan to fully participate in family and early childhood classes. The more yoga you do, the more your child will do (even if not until you get home). One adult must be present for Family Yoga and any class for children younger than 3 years. Up to two adults are welcome to participate these classes on weekly basis and the same adult need not be present every time. Kids and Tween Yoga classes not described as family classes are for the children only. Due to limited studio space, family members and friends are asked not to observe these classes.
  • Stroller Parking: Most of our venues have limited indoor space. We have a cable lock for securing strollers to the fence or bicycle rack poll out front. Contact us for the lock code. Please do not leave strollers in entryways or stairwells.
  • Eating/Drinking: Please bring only water or milk/formula in closed top containers into the yoga classroom.  Breastfeeding is always welcome.
  • Please no photos during class. Not all parents are equally comfortable with having their children photographed and phones are potentially distracting, even to toddlers who are pretty savvy about what they do. If you would like photos of your little one doing yoga, please take them before or after class or during the last two weeks of the class when the instructor suggests group photos. If one of our instructors takes photos at any time, feel free to request a copy of your child or watch for logo-ed version to turn up on our social media sites so you can re-share.
  • Things to leave at home: Toys, stuffed friends, and even lovies (if at all possible). Very special friends can watch class from the windowsill if necessary, but toys of any kind just cause conflict in class.

Questions about make-ups, drop-ins, refunds, or other policies? See our class policies page, or contact us with any questions.


More Details about Specific Classes

Thank you for taking the plunge into online yoga with us! 

Setup for Virtual Family or Prenatal Yoga

You don’t need any special equipment. A yoga mat is great, but you can skip it or use a towel or blanket.  Your teacher may email class-specific supplies you may want to gather in advance, but will always suggest alternatives you are likely to have on hand.  Scarves, for instance, can be literal scarves, cloth napkins, pillowcases, facial tissues, or even a t-shirt.

When you log in, please change your Zoom screen name to be the first name of the class participants: parent and child, or child alone.

You will want to set up your space so that you can see the video screen and, ideally, your teacher can see you (and your little one in Baby Yoga & Play).

Class specific set up tips:

Behavior Expectations and Tips For Enjoying Zoom Yoga

1. Just like our studio classes, expect your child to behave like a child.  There will be highly variable levels of engagement across the group for each activity.  Know that your child will participate exactly the way they need to. They may simply sit and watch the screen.  Or they may wander off. It’s all good.  

2. The best thing you can do to facilitate your child’s experience is to be near the screen, modeling the poses for your child.  Because we know children will not be as engaged by a computer screen as they would by an in-person class, we’ll add in a little more yoga for the  grown-ups so that you can continue participating if your child disengages. Just like in a studio class, the more yoga you do, the more yoga your child will do.

3. When you enter the Zoom meeting, your microphone will be muted.  Feel free to unmute for introductions or if you need to say something to the teacher, but in general, keep yourself muted.  Background noise from individual students becomes extremely distracting very quickly. 

4. Expect this to be a practice in authenticity.  Life is messy right now, and sometimes, so are these yoga classes.  We promise – no one is paying attention to your hair, your house, or your children’s behavior.  Your children will climb all over you. They will jump on the sofa. There will be toys or laundry scattered around your living room.  Your teacher’s children may decide to guest-star in the video. The yoga is important, but so is community, so let’s all take a collective breath, give ourselves grace, and decide to let each class experience just be what it is.

Note about privacy: Zoom has a setting to record only the instructor for our replays, but each teacher must enable that on their recording every time they start class. If they forget, it is possible that snippets of your living room will appear in the replay video during introductions or other times when you unmute your audio.

Additionally, we are taking steps to ensure that our Zoom participants are only our enrolled students/members and that we do not experience the spamming problems you may have heard about on publicly accessible Zoom events. In addition to circulating the link ONLY to enrolled participants and taking attendance in classes, we have enabled passwords on all our events. We can change those at anytime. We have also disabled participant screen sharing and file sharing. Currently participants can engage in private chats with each other and the instructor and we feel this is appropriate given our other precautions. Please let us know if you have concerns.

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