Baby Sign Language


Why teach your baby sign language?

Flickr User Mike Liu / CC 2.0 LicenseMost children begin to communicate through speech at 15-18 months of age. With the use of sign language, families are now developing closer bonds with their children as they begin to communicate as early as 8-12 months of age!

  • Helps babies communicate before talking
  • Reduces frustration and tantrums
  • Increases bonding and connection
  • Early communication can help keep them safe
  • Opens a window to your child’s heart and mind
  • Teaches the building blocks of a second language (American Sign Language)



Parent & Baby Intro Workshops

In this weekend parent-focused workshop, the instructor introduces some of the most commonly used signs for families of babies and toddlers. Families practice American Sign Language signs such as “milk” and “more,” learn signs to go along with a traditional children’s song, and learn tips for practicing at home. Registration includes a booklet of the signs covered. Most appropriate for families with babies nearing 6 months through verbal fluency, often about 2.5 yrs.

Upcoming Classes

$75 per two-adult family registration, babies welcome. $20 for additional family members or caregivers. Registration includes a handout reviewing signs covered and tips for incorporating sign language at home.

Bringing only one adult to the workshop? Use the discount code “oneadult” at checkout to reduce the price to $40.

Baby & Toddler Signing Time


Looking to practice signs with your older toddler? Families may wish to purchase a Signing Time digital video subscription resource for home practice.

Are you interested in weekly baby & toddler enrichment classes featuring ASL vocabulary practice? Breathing Space director Jen Mueller is a Baby  Signing Time instructor. Read more about weekly classes and request scheduling.

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