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Baby Signing Time

Parent & Child Classes for 6 mo – 3 yrs

Join the Baby Signing Time revolution! Your baby can communicate with you using baby signs long before she is old enough to speak. 

  • Reduce tantrums!
  • Stimulate early learning and build vocabulary
  • Create a window into your child’s mind and heart
  • Instill confidence and security through understanding 

Babies crawl before they walk, and sign before they talk! When a baby waves “bye-bye” or points at what she wants, she is signing! It is natural for babies to communicate with signs. Baby Signing Time gives babies the signs they need to express their needs and wants.

Our Baby & Toddler Signing Time Play & Read classes incorporate creative songs, playful activities, and stories as we teach American Sign Language vocabulary for early communication. This interactive and educational class from pre-crawling babies through 3-year-old toddlers with their favorite grown-up. Join us to support your child’s language development and communication skills while making friends and having fun. welcomes mom, dad, grandparents, nannies


Baby Signing Time instructors teach American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary, not made up signs. Baby Signing Time makes it easy for parents and children to learn sign language. As a parent, you do not need to become fluent in sign language, even learning a few signs like ‘milk’, ‘juice’ and ‘more’ can be helpful. Parents may choose to purchase an optional digital video subscription for home practice. 


Digital video resources for home practice! Enrolled students: Check your confirmation email for special offers and discount code.

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  • Registration is for one child and caregiver – mom, dad, grandparent, nannies, or other caregiver welcome. Sibling discount automatically applies.
  • Class is most appropriate from about 6 months; babies younger than that may attend with older sibling at no charge.
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