Comfort Measures for Pregnancy and Labor

couple restingOur Birth Partners Workshop supports couples through the process of becoming their best partners for this amazing, life-changing, and often very emotional transition. 

In this workshop for expecting couples, you will learn birth prep partner positions, breathing techniques, massage and therapeutic tools to soothe physical and mental discomforts of pregnancy, labor, and birth.

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 Participants will learn communication techniques, discuss intentional language, prepare for communicating with health care providers, and discuss birth fears.

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Participants will learn breathing techniques, to practice after the course, which may help you through the end of pregnancy, into labor, and are just good life skills to have!

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You and your partner will learn and practice physical techniques and positions for use during labor.

New parents are often surprised by is what comes up for them during birth. This is a hugely life changing emotional experience, and during the process, fears and traumas can arise for the birthing parent, but the partner as well. 

Practicing these techniques between the workshop and birth day can help partners have the confidence, and muscle memory, to bring out these tools to cope through labor together!

Lead by an experienced doula, this workshop will provide lots of practical answers to questions that come up about local providers and practices.

Appropriate for any trimester of pregnancy but most commonly taken in the late 2nd or early 3rd. Cost is $120 per couple.

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