Tot Yoga (crawling-24 months) incorporates age-appropriate postures and yoga-inspired activities along with songs and words to support your child’s growth and development while creating an enriching family activity.

We encourage each child to embrace their own unique expression of yoga poses. Parents and children move together as children learn yoga through social interaction, repetition, and play.

tot yoga circle timeAbout the Series

  • 10 classes for $180
  • 11 am TuesdayRegister Button
  • September 24-December 3.  No class November 26.
  • No drop-ins, full series registration required.

Registration Policies

  • Late registration may be possible for the first 3 weeks of the semester. Fees automatically prorate.
  • Public venue classes are limited to 12 families. Please register early. Classes with insufficient enrollment a week in advance of course start may be cancelled.
  • Appropriate from nearly crawling through 24 months. Twins and nanny shares welcome. Sibling discount is automatic, but nanny share families should both use the code NANNYSHARE10 for 10% off.
  • Any of your child’s favorite grownups are welcome in this class – ie. mom, dad, grandparent, nanny. Up to two adults are welcome on weekly basis, and the same adult need not be present every time.
  • If students must miss a class, they are welcome to attend any other appropriate class as a makeup within 4 weeks of the original series, or bring a friend to class as a makeup. See makeup class FAQs for details.
  • Still not sure if Tot Yoga is right for you? That’s why we have a no-risk registration policy. If you attend your first class and decide it’s not a good fit, we make it easy to drop a class series.  Read all of our class policies and FAQs.

About the Venue

Lighthouse Yoga is located at 502 Kennedy St. NW, Washington, DC.

Street parking is available in the neighborhood. 

Doors will open fifteen minutes before class and are generally locked ten minutes after class begins.  If the door is locked when you arrive, please call or text the Breathing Space number posted on the door and someone will come let you in.  The studio is located on the second floor.  Take the stairs as soon as you enter the building, then follow the hallway to Lighthouse Yoga’s studio door at the end. 

Most personal belongings in the studio’s storage cubbies, but please being all valuables into the studio with you.

 Strollers may be parked in the hallway outside the studio doors.

Lighthouse Yoga recommends that students visiting the studio remember they are in an urban neighborhood, and that they remain aware of their surroundings when arriving and departing the studio.

Be sure to pack any dirty diapers out with you.

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About the Instructor

Jessica LaGarde has been teaching creative movement in the metro area since 2005 and is passionate about helping children discover and explore their bodies and the world around them. She was trained by Joye Newman, MA to teach preschool creative movement for Kids’ Moving Company, a Bethesda-based creative movement studio. In 2017, she completed her Baby, Toddler, and Children’s Yoga Teacher Training through Childlight Yoga.

In addition to working with preschoolers, Jessica is a registered massage practitioner and is trained in infant massage instruction. She has practiced massage for over twelve years and taught massage as part of Potomac Massage Training Institute’s professional training program. Outside of the movement space and massage room, she enjoys cooking, knitting, sewing, gardening and exploring the outdoors with her daughter.

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Tips for a Great Class

  • No yoga experience required for either parent or child.
  • Parents fully participate so wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move. The more yoga you do, the more your child will do (even if not until you get home).
  • Yoga mats are not used in this class except during the last few minutes for relaxation. Feel free to bring your own or borrow one of ours.
  • Let go of expectations: We don’t expect full participation by children, and sometimes hardly any on the first day. Some children will be most comfortable observing and some might even wander the room and appear not to be participating. This is all developmentally appropriate and totally fine. Yes, try to engage your child in class, but feel free to simply relax and enjoy your child however they choose to participate.
  • Please bring only water or milk/formula in closed top containers into the yoga classroom. Breastfeeding is always welcome.
  • Please no photos during class. Not all parents are equally comfortable with having their children photographed and phones are potentially distracting to toddlers who are pretty savvy about what they do. If you would like photos of your little one doing yoga, please take them before or after class or during the last two weeks of the class when the instructor suggests group photos. If one of our instructors takes photos at any time, feel free to request a copy of your child or watch for logo-ed version to turn up on our social media sites so you can re-share.
  • Things to leave at home: Toys, stuffed friends, and even lovies (if at all possible). Very special friends can watch class from the windowsill if necessary, but toys of any kind just cause conflict in class.

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