Family Yoga Adventure Last spring, I had the honor of facilitating a yoga class for families with children ages 4 and older at Hill Center!

We had fun going on lots of adventures!  We went on a yoga safari, where we saw all sorts of animals, lions, tigers, and even crabs!  We learned our sun salutation song and took turns leading the class.  We practiced partner poses (one of the favorites being Lizard on a Rock pose, pictured below).  We marched as dinosaurs and saw some pretty ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex’s in class!

Lizard on a rockWhat is family yoga like?  Of course we include elements you would recognize from adult yoga but we do it all in an age-appropriate way. We learn poses, sing, play games, and in the process learn how to be in control of our bodies in space. We breathe together, laugh together, and take some time at the end of class to relax together.

There’s lots of research recently about how yoga is good for just about everyone, including kids: yoga may help you think clearer, be healthier, and maintain focus. These are all great reasons to take a yoga class!  However, the best reason I think was what a student told me, “I love this class and I think my kids like it because they get to do yoga with me.”

We hope to see you on the mat for our Family Yoga Fall Session!

Cindy CotaCindy Cota has been practicing yoga for over ten years, since taking her first class with a friend and trying to keep a straight face while doing “lion’s breath.” Thankfully, she stuck with it after that first class, as it has been a constant source of strength and stability in her life. Cindy has been certified as a Budding Yogi’s Kids teacher since 2010 and since trained as a ChildLight Yoga instructor. As a clinical social worker specializing in work with children, Cindy is especially invested in bringing yoga and mindfulness to children. Originally from the northeast, Cindy is happy to call Capitol Hill home and she is excited to have the opportunity to bring the joy, energy, and peace she receives from yoga to families in her neighborhood.

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