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Playground time

Please let us know in advance when you have a camp conflict so we can flag any challenges this may pose on a particular day. We will accommodate as best we can.

Camp schedule is somewhat fluid and we are usually out of the church for at least part of every camp day, so pick-up for and drop-off after doctor’s appointments or other conflicts may mean meeting us at an outing destination.  Please check confirm with your camp director on the morning of camp.

Please note that studio based camps in June/July 2022 will do out-of-studio activities most mornings from 9 am-noon. If you will arrive late, you will likely need to drop off at our outing destination.

We send our draft outing / playground / waterplay schedule to parents the weekend before camp but we start making plans weeks or months before camp. If you give us a heads up about known conflicts well in advance, we may be able to plan around them.

Yoga camp does not allow for regular half-day pickup and is not appropriate for campers not up for significant walking and activity during the day. All our outing destinations are reached by public transportation and/or walking.

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