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Wildflower Yoga LogoBreathing Space is pleased to offer early childhood and family yoga classes in Cheverly through a partnership with Wildflower Yoga, Cheverly United Methodist Church is  is located at 2801 Cheverly Avenue (map). Yoga is offered on the 4th floor of the church.

Cheverly United Methodist Church

Location Notes

  • The church is located where Cheverly Avenue meets Forest Road. A dedicated parking lot is located directly behind the church, and CUMC prefers that you park there.** Once parked, follow the sidewalk to the driveway at the opposite side of the church (just past the smaller, stone church sign) and walk up the short flight of steps to the double doors. Go through the double doors, then up the stairs to the left. The yoga room will be in front of you.
  • If you have a stroller, you may leave it tucked in the breezeway to the right at the foot of the outside stairs if you prefer not to carry it up. The instructor can provide you with a stroller lock if you wish to secure it, but please bring all valuables indoors. If your stroller is small and light, you may also bring it upstairs with you. There is a large space outside the classroom doorway where it can be left. No strollers are allowed in the main yoga space.
  • Upon arrival, please remove shoes and leave them in the carpeted space outside the yoga room to preserve the lovely floors!

**There is some street parking available near the church. If you cannot manage the walk from the parking lot, you may park on the street. However, those spaces are used by people who live in the houses nearby and they–and the church–prefer we not use them unless it is necessary. Thanks for helping us be good neighbors!

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