Health insurance is required to cover lactation support but not all plans have in-network lactation consultants available to assist. If a provider is “in-network” they can bill on your behalf without any upfront payment from you. If not, you must pay and then request reimbursement from your insurance company. Breathing Space is not in network with any insurance companies.

Aetna, United, and some BCBS plan clients:

Jen also consults with the Breastfeeding Center of Greater Washington. Aetna or United clients needing in-network services can check with them and schedule an appointment with Jen (see BCGW insurance FAQ).

If you use the BCGW online booking request form, please request an appointment with Jen in the description field or you will be assigned to the next available consultant (recommended for urgent cases if Jen is not available soon enough).

Any appointment booked through Breastfeeding Center of Greater Washington is subject to BCGW’s pricing and appointment policies. Breathing Space policies do not apply.

If you are seeing availability on Jen’s schedule here that isn’t reflected on BCGW calendar, let the BCGW admin team know to check with Jen about additional appointment options. Contact BCGW.

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