The following discounts apply to full series registration of multi-week classes only:

Sibling Discounts

  • Siblings in Child-Caregiver Classes – Siblings registering for the same class are eligible for a 50% discount after the first registration. See individual class descriptions for policies about younger and older siblings outside the stated class age range. All siblings older than 1 year must register for class. Read more.
  • Siblings/Family Members in Other Classes – Family members automatically receive 10% discounts for multiple registrations. No code required.
  • Twins in Baby Yoga & Play – Families pay for only one registration when bringing twins or two non-mobile share partners with one adult. Read more.

No code is required; simply register both children on the same account in the same class.

Nanny Share Discounts

  • Nanny Shares in Child-Caregiver Classes  – Share partners are eligible for 20% discount but both families must register separately. Read more.
  • Twins in Baby Yoga & Play – Share partners are eligible for a 50% discount when bringing twins or two non-mobile share partners with one adult. Nanny share partners must register both children separately. Read more.

Built-In Pricing Discount

  • Long series – When series are longer than 10 weeks, we offer a per class discount. Final price is posted. No code required.

Early Registration Discount

  • Early registration – Varies. Newsletter subscribers registering more than 30 days before a semester starts may use discount codes provided.

Discount codes do not combine. The registration system automatically applies the largest possible discount.

Staff are unable to retroactively add discounts.

Economic Hardship / Limited Income Discounts

  • Limited income discount – We offer a 10 percent discount to non-profit employees, military families, or persons on a limited income if it makes attendance possible. Please contact us for the code.
  • Pay What You Can – We don’t want a difficult economic situation to take yoga from your life. If paying full price for class is not possible for you at this time, find out about our pay-what-you-can enrollment option.
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