Princess was born and raised in Washington, DC. With an undergrad study in nursing, she has always had a healthy state of mind, compassionate heart, and desire to live and be an example of love, peace, and healthy living. Through yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle, she continuously elevate her consciousness, improve her health, and spread love.

In 2013, she began her self-study of yoga by taking local classes at the gym. In 2015, she pursed a yoga teacher training with Yoga District in Washington, DC. Following the completion of her training, she began offering free classes to local community members, such as seniors, children, friends, and family.

In 2017, she began to cultivate Royalty Yoga LLC. In 2018, she completed Kemetic Yoga Teacher training in Negril, Jamaica. She is also a life student of Raja Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. Princess continues to magnify her knowledge and understanding of the cycle of life and it’s relations to Yoga. Her interpretation of Yoga is uniting the breath, with movement of the body, while in control of the mind that is driven by the soul. This causes one to experience consciousness, concentration, relaxation, peace, and oneness. All qualities that individuals can use to discover who they truly are as a soul and connect them to whatever Higher Power they believe in. Her mission is to understand this knowledge and leave it for generations to come.

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