Sharon is a unique holistic educator in the DC Metropolitan area, blending different cultural traditions for multidimensional education, healthy living, social change, and community empowerment. She facilitates experiential learning with intentional laughter, yoga, dance, meditation, music, hip hop, spoken word, poetry, human-animal partnerships, ancestral energy healing, and wilderness therapy.  Sharon is the founder of Natural Rhythms which is an organization that implements a curriculum based in nature, art, and yoga in a wide range of settings. Natural Rhythms is a restorative justice initiative that uses sensory integration and holistic education to promote a healthy mind, body, and soul to empower a  person of any age to solve their own problems. 

Sharon has partnered with a variety of organizations in the area, orchestrating intentionality in businesses, educational institutions, community centers, and places of worship. It is Sharon’s joy to continue facilitating authentic, growth-provoking, health-conscious activities with children and adults.

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