What kind of electives can campers do during Escape Room Adventure Camp - Breathing Space

In addition to our daily, interactive yoga class, group puzzle solving, and games, campers will choose 2-3 independent, offline projects to complete. We’ll then get together at the end of the day and report back.

Campers can choose from a dozen or so subjects on the Brain Chase dashboard. There will be a new project daily, which will take an hour or less to complete. Some parental supervision will be required, and more for some electives than others, so we are happy to assist with selections. And, if you don’t like your choices, you can change them.

Breathing Space staff will offer check-ins for accountability and optional “office hours” for troubleshooting and camaraderie. Supply lists for electives will be provided in advance.

Sample electives and projects below (subject to change):

Art with Thorpe Studios

Some of our campers can’t get enough of art, so this is for them. A new project challenge every day to completed with typical household supplies.

Backyard Naturalist

This is a Breathing Space created elective to encourage students to observe the natural world. Scavenger hunts and observation activities can be completed on daily walks or in the backyard. We are filming this right now, so sample video coming soon!

Cooking with Edible Education

Chef Ann from Edible Education is a master of preparing simple, healthy, and delicious recipes. With each challenge, students will watch Ann prepare one of her favorites. They’ll then download the recipe and follow her lead.

Engineering with Leo Labs

With each challenge, Miss Brooklyn, a scientist, engineer, and tinkerer from the Leonardo Museum will treat Brain Chase students to a new Leo Labs webisode showcasing a different science or engineering project. They’ll watch the video, then replicate the experiment on their own using everyday household materials.

Entrepreneurship with Acton Children’s Business Fair

The Acton Children’s Business Fair is excited to bring your student real-life business experience, an opportunity rarely experienced as a child. This unique elective will teach your student the basics of running a business, from budgeting to keeping inventory, to pricing and understanding profits and losses.

Ninja Warrior Fitness

Meet David Yarter, a three-time contender on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, SGX-certified Trainer, and owner of Power Park Fitness in San Antonio, Texas. David will take your student on a fitness adventure unlike any they will encounter anywhere else. This is one of our most time-intensive electives. Your child will dedicate 30-60 minutes a week to fitness.

Math with Khan Academy

 It’s what it sounds like. At first log in, Brain Chase adventurers will adjust the curriculum to their level. From there, students can select any math skill and get to work completing practice exercises. Brain Chase tracks the points you earn in Khan Academy so you get credit for your work.

Music Practicing

Self explanatory? Build some incentives and structure around daily music practice for whatever you child is learning.

Mindful Arts & Crafts

camp craft - mind jar
Mind Jar (aka Calm Down Jar) with an underwater theme

Does your camper adore Breathing Space mindful art activities? Mindful art focuses more the process than the product, so many activities don’t require special supplies. But there will be an add-on kit for unusual craft supplies for this elective so campers can make things like eye pillows, mind-jars, and other projects that reinforce what we do in yoga class (one special supplies project per week).

Mindful art will have video instruction just like the other electives, but Miss Jessica is finding that her students really enjoy creating with the Zoom window open so they can ask questions and talk with their friends. So optional mindful art “office hours” will be scheduled each day.


With cameras on most phones these days, chances are our kids are going to be taking photographs for their entire lives. Whether they’re into selfies or still-life photography, this elective will teach them basic photography skills such as composition, lighting, focal length, and more. Brain Chase photographers are standing by to provide personalized feedback and encouragement each week. We can’t wait to see what they create!

Reading with Google Books

Some Breathing Space campers always have a book with them and read every chance they get. Wonderful, this is for them! Students may choose to read off-line and have their parents report their reading hours via our dashboards or track their reading by using Google Books.

Study Hall

Is your child trying to keep up with lessons or academic work this summer? You can use this elective to build incentives and accountability into that routine. You can also use this elective to provide more free-time in your camper’s day.


Updated description coming soon.


Got a storyteller? This elective covers different aspects of writing, and students will be given several different writing prompts to choose from. After the students submit their work, Brain Chase will review each entry and provide customized feedback.

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