Kids Yoga Summer Camp – Capitol Hill

Why Yoga Camp?

Breathing Space summer camp provides children with a fun, creative, educational, and enriching experience through yoga movement classes, mindfulness activities, relaxation, games, crafts, field trips and outdoor time.  Each week-long camp is sure to create lasting memories, new friendships, and a foundation for health and well-being!

Yoga and mindfulness can help children build self-regulatory skills, resilience, social awareness, and confidence, as well as gross-motor skills, strength, and fitness. Through yoga, children learn techniques for concentrating, reducing stress, and connecting to their bodies in a loving way while having fun.

Breathing Space Kids Yoga Camp takes the lessons we learn in our yoga and mindfulness practice and expand on them to a full week of activities.  Of course we do lots of yoga and yoga games, but that’s not all.

  • We’ll do arts and crafts or themed activities every day.
  • We typically do at least one theme-based outing every week.
  • Unless weather is terrible, we’ll walk to a nearby playground for lunch and outdoor time daily.
  • We will have some form of quiet relaxation time every day for both nappers and non-nappers.
  • We work a lot of free-play time into our camp between organized activities as well.
Christ Church - Washington Parish - Capitol Hill DC

Camp Location & Hours

Summer 2019 camps are at Christ Church, 620 G Street SE in the parish hall.

Campers not staying for games should be picked up between 3:45-4 pm so we can start snack promptly at 4 pm. Thanks.

Camp Dates & Grade Ranges

Camp will run from June 17-Aug 30 with the exception of Jul 4 week:

Registration Links 
Jun 17PK4
Jun 24Girl Power – 2nd 5th Gr
K-2nd Gr
• full: PK4 – waitlist
Jul 08PK4 **just added**
K-3rd Gr
Jul 15 • full: K-4th – waitlist
Jul 22 • full: K-4th – waitlist
Jul 29 • full: K-4th – waitlist
Aug 05K-4th Gr ** 1 spot open! **
Aug 121st-3rd Gr ** new age range **
• full: K – waitlist
• full: PK4 – waitlist
Aug 19 • full: 2nd-5th Gr – waitlist
• full: K-1st Gr – waitlist
• full: PK4 – waitlist
Aug 26 • full: K-4th – M-F waitlist
• full: PK 4 – M-W – waitlist
• full: PK4 – Th-Fr – waitlist
Aftercare M-W
Aftercare T-F

Waitlists: We are not able to predict movement. Sometimes, we have no changes at all while. Other times, we have several families change plans. If you are interested in being contacted with availability, please sign up for the appropriate waitlists. Please DO NOT enroll in aftercare if you do not have a confirmed spot in that week.

Note: DCPS starts 8/26 for K+. At most schools, PK4 first day will be Wed 8/29.

Enrollment Notes

All summer camp grade ranges refer to Fall 2019 grades.

Our camps are intimate compared to many. We cap most weeks at 18 campers and maintain a minimum 6:1 camper:staff ratio. Our campers and counselors get to know each other and make lasting friendships.

On weeks open to rising PK4, that registration group accommodates 6-8 PK campers. PK campers spend the day with K and 1st grade campers, unless noted.

museum visit
Girl Power campers visit American History Museum, 2015

During the weeks of June 24, Aug 12, and Aug 19, camp will have two full classes: PK-1st and 2nd-5th Gr. During those weeks the two different groups will have some combined activities and outings and others just for their age group. Generally yoga class and craft activities will be separate.

During all other weeks, open to K-4th grade, camp operates as one class. While we may occasionally break into smaller groups, most activities will be combined.

With pre-approval, we also allow a very limited number of rising PK younger siblings who have experience with Breathing Space classes to attend weeks open to K-4th graders. See FAQs for our age policies, including younger sibling enrollment.

Counselor In Training Program

Rising 5th-8th graders are invited to apply to be a counselor in training. CITs are campers enrolled at half price who participate in all activities and help counselors prepare activities and manage younger campers. Learn more.


Tuition is $400 per week plus a $20 per student registration fee to cover camp t-shirts and other supplies. The first $100 of tuition is a non-refundable deposit (read more in FAQs and pricing policies).

Extended day $75 per week –  Campers are welcome to join extended day with Games Club with Labyrinth until 5:45 pm. We offer a snack (air popped popcorn) before games club and campers are welcome to eat anything left from their packed lunch at that time if they like.

camp collage

Need more details?

Read our frequently asked questions and pricing and refund policies for more info. Thanks.

Breathing Space has had a chronic problem of last minute additions to camp aftercare. While accommodating one or two campers isn’t usually a problem, sometimes we get half a dozen last minute additions in the week before a camp and sometimes several on the morning of camp.

We get that life is sometimes unpredictable and last minute changes happen and want to help, but we suspect a fair amount of the last minute additions are caused by parents not being sure of their after camp plan when they sign up and then forgetting to do anything about it until days before or even the day of camp.

Last minute additions to aftercare sometimes leave us or the Labyrinth education director scrambling to add staff to aftercare or push us over our desired camper to staff ratios. 

Starting in January 2019, aftercare costs $15 per day until two weeks before camp. After that, it’s $20 per day. 

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