New Mindful Art Yoga Class Extension Courses - Breathing Space

If you didn’t attend virtual yoga camp this summer, you may have missed the news about our mindful creativity extension programs. Students who registered for yoga camp had the option to add on daily, self-paced extension activities to their interactive yoga classes. These art & story courses allowed yogis to take a deeper dive into the things they had learned in yoga class, and meant that parents had access to independent, structured activities for their children to do outside of class time.

This fall, we’re adding the same extension courses to our weekly kids yoga classes! How do they work? Parents receive a weekly email containing activities designed for most 6-13 year olds to complete mostly independently, and appropriate for 4-5 year olds to do with a little help. Each week contains a mindful art project, a yoga pose or breath to practice daily, a reflection activity, such as guided meditation, and either a read-aloud story (for younger kids) or journaling activity (for tweens).

Families can upload photos to show & tell or for teacher feedback, and students can post comments to discuss the activities with other participants. Check out a video about how the learning platform works.

All our fall yoga session students will have the opportunity to add on Mindful Art & Stories or Journaling
extensions to their yoga classes. We’ll be choosing our favorite activities from the summer, as well as adding on some new activities.

Families will receive their first activity immediately upon registration, and a weekly activity each Monday during the session. Arts extension programs are just $39.

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