Creating a Plan for the 4th Trimester

A workshop for expectant parents

new familyCongratulations you are parents! Now what?

…this 2 hour workshop leads you through the first few days, weeks and months after baby’s arrival – known as the 4th trimester. Providing information to help you prepare for the emotional and physical support you will need to make those early long days and nights as nurturing as possible for your family. Often our focus is on pregnancy and childbirth, newborn care and feeding, without much thought as to how to care for recovery and adjustment for the entire family. If you wrote/are writing a birth plan than it’s also important to create a plan for the 4th trimester.

Planning for the daily needs and changes of a recovering mother, a supportive partner, a newborn and other family members (including those 4 legged ones) can help to make this transition time more enjoyable. By looking at what a typical day can look like and designing a strategy of how to best meet the needs of each family member, in your unique family, can create a more pleasant journey. Every family is different, but universally by understanding and creating realistic expectations for the 4th trimester you will help to manage benevolent friends and family, and create a supportive network and environment that works for your family.

Topics will include:

  • Physical & emotional support for postpartum moms & partners
  • Sleeping, eating and bathing – how can I shower?
  • The stuff – what is with those mesh underwear? what is a peri-bottle?
  • Nutrition: Meal & snack planning
  • Emotional changes – beyond just the hormones

Join postpartum doula, mom and post-natal yoga teacher Rebecca Gitter as we delve into creating a plan for the 4th trimester. Healthy snacks will be provided.

Flickr photo credits: new family by beglen, smoothie by greensmoothies / cc license.