Wellness and Parenting Education for Growing Families

Lactation Support

Individual support, classes, and peer support groups lead by our board certified lactation consultant.

Preparing for Baby

Our Beyond the Bump – Preparing for Baby Class covers essential information about caring for your newborn – breastfeeding, sleep, and baby care – and postpartum recovery.

Birth Partners Workshop

Comfort Measures for Pregnancy and Labor


Prenatal Massage Techniques

Couples Massage for Pregnancy and Labor 

Welcoming a new baby is a wonderful and joyful experience, but it is often accompanied by strong negative emotions as well – stress, uncertainty, loneliness, disorientation . . . Becoming a parent is a major transition that often brings on identity questions and tests relationships.

Breathing Space supports families during the transformative time of pregnancy, birth, and early childhood with evidenced-based education and advice.

Our workshops and support circles offer parents a safe place to learn about caring for baby and themselves. Our individual support services offer one-on-one support through the birth and early parenting period.

Studies have shown that prenatal preparation helps parents feel confident and relaxed in the postnatal period. Our classes cover best practices and lots of techniques and ideas for baby care, breastfeeding, and more:

Beyond the Bump – Preparing for Baby – our prenatal parent education 4-class series covers all the basics of breastfeeding, sleep, baby care, and postpartum recovery

Prenatal Yoga – this weekly supports strength and fitness and may ease discomforts of pregnancy with modified yoga poses, breathwork and relaxation

Private Classes – Our postpartum doula and lactation team can customize private classes for breastfeeding, baby care, and more . . .

Breathing Space provides continuing parent education and helps build family support networks with classes including:

Baby Yoga & Play – a fun caregiver-child bonding activity with yoga-inspired movement, songs and rhymes, breathing exercises, postures and stretches for adults, and relaxation.

Infant Massage – learn a full-body massage routine shown to support baby’s growth and development along with family connection.

Baby Sign Language – learn to use American Sign Language vocabulary for early communication with babies and young children


Sometimes individual support can make all the difference. Our team is ready to support new parents through lactation consulting and doula services based on Capitol Hill and surrounding areas.

doula with coupleLactation Consultingone-on-one support from a skilled IBCLC can help breastfeeding parents avoid or overcome breastfeeding challenges, whether in the first days after delivery or many months into the breastfeeding relationship

Private Classes – Our team can customize prenatal education on breastfeeding or baby care or back-to-work consultations at your home

Affiliated Support Services – Several of our class instructors also offer private parent support services:

  • Birth Doula Support – emotional, physical, and educational support from a professional doula can help families have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience – Meet Katie.
  • Postnatal Doula Services – evidenced based support with infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother–baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care can ease first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby – Meet Katie and Ariel.
  • Sleep Support – developmentally sensitive, respectful, and responsive sleep education and coaching that considers the well being of the entire family. Meet Kim.

“I was so discouraged about breastfeeding and wondered if I could make it work .. Jen literally made all the difference, was so helpful, patient, not judgmental, and made every effort to ensure I felt comfortable.”

- Lactation Consulting Client

“I was frustrated and scared when I came in. My daughter had been losing weight, but I had thought she was getting nutrition. The lactation consultant gave me feedback that she wasn’t getting enough [milk] in a way that did not place any blame, in fact quite the opposite… such positive and empowering feedback. It helped me know that I was doing my best, and that I could properly feed my daughter. I can’t imagine a better experience!”

- Lactation Consulting Client

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New Parents Reading List

New Parents Reading List

A really common question: What books do you recommend for new parents? Yeah, it's overwhelming. I don't even want to look up the number of parenting and baby books available on Amazon.com What's more, recent studies have shown that all this advice is not only...

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