Beyond the Bump – Parent & Baby 

During the first few months with baby, everyone is adjusting and learning. Breathing Space workshops and support circles provide education, parenting tips, and community connection for new families.

New Parent Support Circle

Our postnatal Beyond the Bump workshop series is part new parent support circle and part class presentation on topics of interest to new families: infant development, postnatal recovery and fitness, postpartum mental health. Discussions will be driven by the needs of the group, but will include:

Supporting Baby’s Development

Gain better insight about your infant’ development – motor, sensory, cognitive, language. Concerned about tummy time, milestones, or just not clear on what to look for? Join us for this informative discussion with an infant development specialist.


Sleeping Beyond the 4th Trimester

Many people are ready for the lack of sleep during the newborn period but have no idea what to expect as baby grows. We’ll talk about what’s normal for baby’s sleep after the newborn period; how sleep matures; and what you can do to support the whole family’s sleep. 


Postpartum Mental Health and Self Care

Becoming a mom is one of the most wonderful, loving, and fulfilling experiences! It can also be a time of nonstop worry, guilt, and identity loss. We’ll talk frankly in a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental space about the emotional roller coaster new parenthood can be and learn healthy coping strategies to help you weather each storm as they come. 

Your Postpartum Body

Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy and delivery. We will talk about the physiology of pregnancy, the various problems that can occur in postpartum and how to start making yourself better so that you can return to your normal life.  Class will include supportive exercises, so please dress comfortably for movement.

Raising Children in DC

What do you need to know looking forward? We’ll discuss tips and timelines for parenting in DC. Topics will include how families handle childcare, DC’s school landscape and lottery, and what enrichment activities are available for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers

• 6-week series • $120 per family
12:30 pm Fridays starting Oct 18 @ Shenanigans Art Space

Back to Work & Breastfeeding

Whether working from home, at the office, full- or part-time, parents have questions about how to manage the transition back to the work world after baby. Join an experienced lactation consultant and parent to discuss strategies and even trouble shoot specific situations. Find a class.

Starting Solids & Your Older Baby

This class will cover topics specific to parenting babies from about 6 months through toddlerhood. Appropriate for both expecting parents and new families:

Feeding Your Older Baby – We will discuss current nutritional and feeding recommendations from medical community, how to know when your baby is developmentally ready to start solids, different approaches to infant feeding, how to support healthy sensory and oral motor development as it relates to feeding, and how to encourage an adventurous pallet in your child. We’ll also address and debunk some of the common myths and outdated advice still circulating about infant feeding.

Child Development and the Older Baby – We will discuss developmental milestones of the older baby, how parents can support them, and how to keep your little one safe through these transitions.

Breastfeeding Peer Support
by La Leche League

Monthly on the 2nd or 3rd Friday from 2-3:30 pm @ Shenanigans Art Space

Fall 2019 meetings: October 18, November 15, December 13

This support group is open to all parents who are nursing (breastfeeding or chestfeeding) or pumping milk to give a bottle. Topics will depend on the needs of the group may include anything related to lactation and breastfeeding babies. This is also a great opportunity for you to connect, share and form friendships with other parents. RSVP or learn more by contacting the Washington DC LLL group.

Upcoming Classes

More Classes for After Baby Arrives

Breathing Space offers classes in infant massage and baby yoga for parents to learn activities and soothing techniques, bond with baby, and connect with other parents in a supportive environment.

Baby Yoga & Play

Each class includes dozens of fun, engaging, developmental supportive poses, activities, songs and rhymes for baby and caregiver.  Learn more

Infant Massage

Learn time-tested massage techniques in this class for pre-crawling baby and caregiver. Learn more

Baby Sign Language

Sign language workshop for parents of nearly 6 month old babies through talking. Learn more

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