Enjoying Infant Massage

Infant Massage – Loving Touch for Babies and Parents

Baby being massaged by parent - Infant Massage

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Massage is a great way to connect to your baby. Studies have shown infant massage can help babies sleep better, gain weight, reduce fussiness, improve health and relax. Parents who massage their babies often experience increased closeness to and understanding of their infants, reduced stress and post-natal depression, and simply enjoy a wonderful experience with their child.

Learn to Massage Your Baby

Moms learn infant massage with their babiesClasses at Breathing Space teach parents massage techniques in a progressive sequence over several weeks – focusing on different parts of the body each week, which provides opportunity to practice strokes at home between lessons.

The curriculum is progressive, so drop-ins are not allowed. We offer classes on various days and times to accommodate different family schedules.

Besides teaching the time-tested massage techniques, valuable parenting tips will be shared and topics on child development will be covered. Our instructors are experienced parents and early childhood educators. Class discussions are also designed to enable parents to learn from each other.

The ideal time to start this class is when your baby is 2-6 months old, but younger and older babies are welcome. The emphasis in class is on following baby’s cues and learning the techniques to incorporate into your home routine. Upon learning the massage skill, infant massage can be done on children all the way to adolescent. As the child grows, techniques and strokes are changed accordingly to accommodate for change in size.

Instructor will provides handouts for home practice and review material in subsequent classes. Class sizes are kept small to ensure lots of personal attention.

Bring your baby and your partner, if available. This is a great class for fathers! Pack a towel or baby blanket you do not mind getting oil on, and a change of diapers and clothes.

Massage after baby bathtime - - Infant Massage

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Please note: Fussing and crying is expected; Your baby’s voice is welcome. Please join us.

Infant Massage Public Classes

Our classes are offered in a several-week series, following the Infant Massage USA curriculum. The multi-class format allows parents to practice strokes multiple times, ask questions that come up during their home massage times, and enjoy the camaraderie of other parents.

Upcoming Classes

Infant Massage Private Instruction

But a public class won’t suit all families, either for scheduling or other reasons. Private instruction is typically a more concentrated format of only 1 or 2 sessions. Pricing and policies are the same as our private yoga instruction. Private instruction can be at our location or yours, with your family only or shared between multiple families. Complete the form to get started.