How to be a Cloud: Yoga Songs for Kids Vol. 3 (Kira Willey)


How To Be a Cloud is the third album from Kira Willey, a nationally recognized kindie artist and children’s yoga teacher, and the creator of Fireflies – Musical Yoga for Kids.

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How to be a Cloud, packaged in an eco-friendly digipak with full lyrics and colorful illustrations, includes 13 songs plus 9 instructional Yoga Tracks. Melody, lyrics and activity blend seamlessly together on this album; at a time when schools are dropping both music and physical fitness from the curriculum, songs like these can provided much-needed moments of movement and tranquility. Sweet vocals, catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics are the hallmarks of Willey’s style.

  1. My Favorite Day
  2. Gotta Lotta Happy
  3. Bloom
  4. How to Be a Cloud
  5. Great Big Starry Sky
  6. Dancing with My Daddy
  7. When You Sleep
  8. Jazzy
  9. Cookie Jar
  10. Colors (2014)
  11. When You Get Bigger
  12. Wings on a String
  13. I Will Be Here
  14. My Favorite Day (Yoga Track)
  15. Gotta Lotta Happy (Yoga Track)
  16. Bloom (Yoga Track)
  17. Colors: (Remix: Yoga Track)
  18. When You Get Bigger (Yoga Track)
  19. Wings on a String (Yoga Track)
  20. Great Big Starry Sky (Yoga Track)
  21. How to Be a Cloud (Yoga Track)
  22. When You Sleep (Yoga Track)

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