Kings & Queens of the Forest: Yoga Songs for Kids Vol. 2 (Kira Willey)


Kings & Queens of the Forest blends upbeat, danceable music with fun, easy-to-follow yoga instruction

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With Kings & Queens of the Forest, Kira Willey blends upbeat, danceable music with fun and easy children’s yoga instruction. Parents say their kids are captivated by her songs, and preschool teachers, occupational therapists, and other youth workers regularly use Kira’s songs in their work. Her easy-to-follow yoga instruction teaches self-awareness, improves balance and strength, and builds confidence.

1    Roller Coaster
2    Mr. Cricket Hop
3    Follow Me
4    Let the Sun Shine In
5    The Mixing Bowl
6    Go Plane Go
7    Little Deer Isle
8    Mama Nature
9    Tap My Drum
10    Stand Up
11    All I Wanna Do Is Dance
12    Kings & Queens of the Forest
13    Underneath the Rainbow
14    Let the Sun Shine In (Yoga)
15    Roller Coaster (Yoga)
16    Mr. Cricket Hop (Yoga)
17    Follow Me (Yoga)
18    Underneath the Rainbow (Yoga)
19    Stand Up (Yoga)
20    Tap My Drum (Yoga)
21    Little Deer Isle (Yoga)
22    Kings & Queens of the Forest (Yoga)
23    Go Plane Go (Yoga)
24    All I Wanna Do Is Dance (Yoga)
25    The Mixing Bowl (Yoga)
26    Mama Nature (Yoga)

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