The Apple Tree & the Honey Bee (Bari Koral)


One of the most popular kids’/family recording artists on the scene today, Bari Koral, takes an adventurous leap forward with the Bari Koral Family Rock Band’s fourth album, The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee.

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Bari Koral has established herself not only as a beloved performer but also as a leading force in the “yoga for kids” movement. Bari’s catchy, pop-friendly tunes and interactive live shows featuring a creative blend of music and movement have gained her legions of fans, while many of her songs are also widely used in kids’ yoga classes and preschool classrooms. As a kids’ yoga expert, Bari lectures nationally on the subject. Watch for Bari as host of the world’s first yoga-based, movement-and-music TV show for kids, coming soon on the Veria Living Network.

For The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee, Bari decided a musical stretch was in order, so she brought her band to Nashville to record the album under the guiding hand of legendary producer Brad Jones.


  1. Dancing Bear
  2. Apple Tree
  3. Birthday
  4. Big Truck
  5. Bee
  6. When I’m Five
  7. Sisters & Brothers
  8. Roller Coaster
  9. Yes/No
  10. Fall Down
  11. Back to the Farm
  12. Give A Hug

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