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We all know that sleep is important. But if you know babies or have taken our Beyond the Bump – Preparing for Baby class series, you know that the phrase “sleeping like a baby” does not mean the long, uninterrupted stretches that conventional wisdom implies.

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Breathing Space supports parenting in a developmentally sensitive, respectful, and responsive that considers the well being of the entire family. Unfortunately, much infant sleep advice is none of those things.

That’s why we are excited to work with Kim Hawley of Intuitive Parenting to offer prenatal and postnatal sleep classes and recommend her coaching for families that need additional support.

Why work with a sleep consultant?

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Are you struggling with your little one’s sleep, but sleep training feels wrong?

Are you tired, but know you want to keep responding to your baby?

Do you want to make a change in how you parent to sleep, and need help doing it gently?

Kim Hawley, MA, MPH is a Holistic Sleep Consultant and Lactation Counselor. She specializes in gentle, attachment-based sleep support for breastfeeding families. This is sleep help without sleep training!

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Kim helps parents confidently navigate nighttime parenting and family sleep using evidence-based information and parental intuition. She helps you feel calm, confident, and informed. She will never ask you to ignore your instincts or your baby! Whether you want to make a change or just find a more balanced path forward, she’s here to support your journey.

Kim’s sleep approach is right for you if:

  • You don’t want to sleep train
  • You value gentle, responsive parenting including at night
  • You like to know the science behind normal sleep and sleep options
  • You want a collaborative approach that recognizes you are the expert on your little one

You can learn more about Kim and her approach at her website here or

Photo credits: Flickr user tamakisono, Flickr User Lars Plougmann / CC License. Kimberly Hawley/Intuitive Parenting by permission.

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