Virtual Camp Art Supply List - Breathing Space

At #yogacamp, we do art every day!  That won’t change when we go virtual. The kids love it, we love it, and its a great practice in mindfulness and getting into flow. Morning art class will require basic supplies that parents should plan to provide.

You may already have most of these supplies. If not, affiliate links are provided below, but certainly buy locally, or purchase from us. Most of these items should be easy to find at Target or CVS.  In many cases, shopping locally will be cheaper than ordering from Amazon.

Supplies Needed For ALL Campers – Parent Supplied:

Plain white paper–printer or copier type
Washable markers
Colored pencils
*This kit contains markers, crayons and colored pencils and can be a great investment if your camper is generally artistic and doesn’t already have most of these things on hand.
Black Sharpie or similar permanent marker
Scissors your child can easily handle
Colored chalk (sidewalk or chalkboard) or chalk pastels
Clear drying liquid glue
Glue sticks
Watercolor paint
Paint brushes

Supplies Needed for Select Weeks – Parent Supplied:

Tempera or Acrylic Paints
Liquid food coloring OR liquid watercolors
Household/toiletries, such as paper plates, shaving cream, cotton balls, q-tips or rice
Play Doh (homemade is fine, we can provide a recipe)
Oil Pastels

We will send a supply list out 7 days in advance if there are any special supplies needed for planned art projects so that you have time to gather them.

Breathing Space Art Supply Kits:

Afternoon art projects (and very occasional morning projects) will require what we consider to be “specialty” supplies. These supplies may include specialty paper (water color, card stock, tissue), acrylic paint, and air dry clay.

Kits will be available and mailed or delivered (as part of camp tuition cost) to all campers enrolled at least 8 days before the start of a camp week when those supplies will be needed. Last minute registrants can pick up their kits from Jen’s porch near Potomac Ave Metro for pay for them to be exp

Afternoon Coloring Club Supplies:

Each afternoon, we’ll host an optional coloring club/storytime for full day campers. Our mandalas are always super popular coloring pages. These will be available for parents to print at home. If you do not have access to a printer and let us know, we can supply hard copies to campers enrolled at least 8 days before the start of a camp week.

Purchase Harder to Find Items from Us:

Tempera Paints  – We’re putting together sets of 12 colors, including primary and tertiary colors, black, white, brown, and magenta and turquoise because those two are special favorites of our campers.

Oil Pastels – These are such a versatile medium that will show up many weeks.

Recommended Optional Supplies

A smock or old shirt to protect clothing

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