Amalie teaching Little Families, preschooler yoga

Yoga for Families & Children

The mission of Breathing Space is to provide wellness services and education for children and families, offering classes for children and families of all ages in Washington, DC.

Family Yoga

Our family yoga classes include age-appropriate postures and movement, breathing exercises, meditation or mindfulness activities, and — in kids and family classes — games, songs and even art.

Preschool, Toddler Yoga

Early Childhood Yoga

All our early childhood classes are taught family-style:

Family Yoga

Family Yoga is structured like an age-appropriate kids class  with an emphasis on poses and activities for parents and children to do together. Age ranges and sibling policies vary.

Weekly Family Yoga Classes

Early Childhood Yoga and Family Yoga classes are registered per child. Up to two parents may attend these class with the registered child. Little Family Yoga welcomes younger siblings: walkers-21 months are half price, no charge for infants.

Yoga for Kids and Teens YogaCamp-Aug31 - 6 (6)

Yoga helps children learn techniques for concentrating, reducing stress, and connecting to their bodies in a loving way while having fun. Our kids and tween classes incorporate age-appropriate poses, breathing, movement, games, music, and art.

Tree PoseClasses often revolve around a philosophical or natural theme and always include some form of quiet relaxation.

Day Camps

We offer full day yoga and mindfulness camps during school days off and summer breaks. See camps.

Weekly Kids & Teen Yoga Classes

Weekly classes are offered in 45 minute-1 hour increments, depending on the age range. Kids and tween to teen classes not listed as family classes are for children only. Family members are kindly asked not to watch class.