Yoga for Families & Children

The mission of Breathing Space is to provide wellness services and education for children and families, offering classes for children and families of all ages in Washington, DC.

Upcoming Classes

Breathing Space classes are offered in semester-format with registration for 4-12 weeks of class at a time. There are automatic 10% discounts for siblings and registering 30 days before a class series starts. If you missed the start date, registration automatically prorates during checkout. There are no drop-ins to in-person children’s classes. Students may drop in to adult (prenatal/postnatal) or virtual classes. Additionally, our Online Yoga Members have access to unlimited Zoom classes and our on-demand video library of recorded classes. Finally, see COVID precautions for in-person classes below.

Learn more about our classes: Baby Yoga & Play • Children’s & Family Yoga • Prenatal Yoga • Postnatal Yoga • Yoga Trapeze • Online Yoga

Class Venues and COVID-19 Pubic Health Precautions

Breathing Space is offering classes indoors, outdoors, and over zoom this fall. We encourage students to participate in the way that works best for their family.

We are taking the following steps help mitigate the spread of coronavirus (and other infectious diseases) during indoor classes

  • All participants 12 yrs+ must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination for indoor classes;
  • Masks required for students 2 years and older;
  • Class sizes are small, so there is room to spread out;
  • Studio is well ventilated, with more than the recommended HVAC air-exchange rate, and we run two large air purifiers during classes;
  • Students are requested to wash hands upon entry and high-touch surfaces are frequently cleaned;
  • Students are expected to follow DC DOH recommendations for quarantine after COVID-19 exposure or travel.

Outdoor classes are will be cancelled/rescheduled for incliment weather. Students must bring their own mats. When approriate distancing can be maintained, masks are optional outside.

Please don't attend class if you or anyone in your family is exhibiting COVID-like symptoms or has recently been exposed to to coronovirus.

See our full Indoor Classes Health & Safety Policies.

Day Camps

We offer full day yoga and mindfulness camps during school days off and summer breaks. See camps.


Weekly Kids & Teen Yoga Classes

Weekly classes are offered in 45 minute-1 hour increments, depending on the age range. Kids and tween or teen classes not listed as family classes are for children only. Family members are kindly asked not to watch class.

Afterschool Classes on Location

Breathing Space is a DCPS authorized afterschool programing partner and offers classes at many schools across the DC metro region. Learn more.

“[Yoga] class is without question a highlight of our week...Our daughter was seven months when we started, and she has only grown more and more interested and engaged each week.  Jen creates a warm environment for babies to play and learn, consistently introducing new concepts, exercises and experiences that make every session different.  She also welcomes both parents to participate, and it has become a wonderful way for us to start our weekend together as a family.”

– Caroline, Tot Yoga parent

My 14-month-old has been enrolled in the weekly Tot Yoga classes with Breathing Space and we are really enjoying them! She loves getting to see the other fellow tots on the screen, plus the chance to do some weekly yoga play with Mama . . . It's fun to watch my little one glance back and forth from Jen on the screen to Mama in the room, and then either mimic us then and there, or file it away to bust out later on her own time. 
– Tot Yoga virtual class parent

Jen has done an amazing job making yoga fun and accessible to toddlers and preschoolers. She takes the extroverts bouncing off the ceiling and the shy ones under grownups legs and manages to engage them all every class. Each class involves adventures to exciting locations, a menagerie of animal poses and a soothing "yoga rest" with bubbles.
- Danielle, Little Family Yoga parent

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