Yoga for Adults

Collage of prenatal, postnatal, baby & toddler classes

According to the National Institutes of Health and other researchers, yoga supports stress management, mood and mental health, and quality sleep while building strength and flexibility. 

Our adult yoga classes feature:

  • Knowledgeable, compassionate teachers,
  • Customized, alignment-based instruction, and
  • A welcoming community.

Classes offered in multi-week series to enable progressive instruction. Commit to a series or drop in when your schedule allows. Classes are appropriate for all levels, unless noted.

Weekly Yoga Classes for Adults

Register for a multi-week Series - $20 per class

Classes are offered in a progressive series that builds on the previous classes.  Students make take advantage of our generous makeup policy if they miss a class in the series. 

Pay by the Class - $24 per class

Simply drop in as your schedule allows. Advanced reservation required – as far as 30 days and as little as 30 min in advance. No payments are taken on site.

* All classes subject to DC fitness services tax of 6%. 

adult, twisted child pose

Parents of children’s and family class enrollees are welcome to take adult or prenatal yoga as a makeup class – and vice versa – using the makeup scheduler. Log in to your registration account to reserve. 

About COVID-19 Precautions

Breathing Space requires proof of vaccination for all in-person classes for participants ages 5+ and masks indoors depending on community spread levels. Masks will be required in prenatal or early childhood classes if transmission levels are yellow/medium and in all classes if transmission levels are red/high. See our full public health precautions policy.

Classes by Semester

Our classes are offered in multi-week series. We typically run 4 semesters per year September-December, January-March, March-May, and June-Aug. Registration closes at the halfway point, but drop-ins may still be available. See drop-in scheduler below. Workshops and single date classes noted as such.


click on class day-time to reveal session dates - prorated registration is available until the halfway point of the series. Scroll down for drop-in options. Read our class policies here.

Drop-in Reservations

Discounts automatically apply for reserving more than 3 classes at the same time. Commit to 8 classes to bring the price down to the same as semester registration. Drop-in reservations can be changed by emailing us in advance of class (one change per individual date reserved).

Class Descriptions:

Our classes run in sessions, like semesters, which vary in length depending on the season. Teaching is progressive, which means instructors build upon poses and skills from week to week, but drop-in students are welcome when appropriate and space is available.

All Levels Yoga

This class emphasizes the essential poses and alignment principles of a Hatha Yoga practice. Class will incorporate postures (asana), breath connection, meditation, and relaxation. Vinyasa sequences (moving through several poses with breath) will challenge strength, balance, and focus while moving between poses deliberately. Class may also incorporate stillness, longer holds, and wall work and exploration of alignment through use of props. Variations will be offered to enable students to customize the practice for their individual needs. Newer and more experienced practitioners welcome.

Trapeze Yoga

This class incorporates traditional yoga asana, breathwork, and relaxation but is based around our YogaBody-style yoga trapeze rigs. Yoga Trapeze inversions counteract gravity, creating space and length in the spine though simple, gentle, bodyweight traction. Trapeze work also includes functional pulling and grip strength often missing in a mat-based yoga practice to create a full-body fitness routine. Read more.

Prerequisite: Prior semester, Intro to Yoga Trapeze, or by permission.

Prenatal Yoga

In this all-levels yoga class, students will cultivate the flexibility, concentration and strength needed during the transformative time of pregnancy and childbirth. Enjoy the community of other pregnant parents while we practice modified yoga postures, breath work, vocal toning, meditation, and relaxation. No previous yoga experience necessary. Class is for the pregnant parent only unless noted. Read more.

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

 This all-levels yoga class is designed for pregnant and postpartum parents. Students will cultivate the flexibility, concentration and strength needed during the transformative time of childbirth and new parenting. Class will incorporate modified yoga asana with an emphasis on stability, breathwork, focus and relaxation activities, and a connecting to a supportive parenting community. No previous yoga experience necessary. Class is for adults only unless noted.

Postnatal Yoga

This class is designed for parents recovering from childbirth and looking for a supportive class to help build strength and fitness and reduce stress. Class will incorporate modified yoga asana with an emphasis on stability, breath work, focus and relaxation activities, and a connecting to a supportive parenting community.

Generally, evening in-person and weekend classes are for the parent-only, unless noted. Weekday classes and any class over Zoom welcomes babies, but they are not the focus.

adult yoga
Baby & Me Yoga Class
Collage of prenatal, postnatal, baby & toddler classes

Frequently Asked Questions

For safety and consideration of your fellow students and comfort of your child, please do not bring sick children to class or camp. 

Please keep your child(ren) home from class if they have been experiencing any of the following in the previous 24 hours:

  • fever,
  • vomiting,
  • an unexplained rash,
  • diarrhea,
  • conjunctivitis,
  • mouth sores (especially in the oral-staged children),
  • persistent and frequent cough that interferes with your child’s class involvement or poses a risk to others,
  • extremely runny nose, or
  • any other contagious illness. 

Please note that older children too sick to attend school should not be tagging along to yoga class.

Specific Guidance on The Flu & Common Colds


Most healthy adults may be able to infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick. Children and some people with weakened immune systems may  pass the virus for longer than 7 days. (Source: CDC)

In the case of a flu diagnosis, or suspected, please keep your child home for a full week from becoming symptomatic.

Common Cold

You’re generally contagious with a cold 1-2 days before your symptoms start, and you could be contagious as long as your symptoms are present—in rare cases, up to 2 weeks. (Source: 

While you are most contagious in the first 2-4 days of symptoms, resuming daily activities without exposing others depends on both your immune system and your ability to follow hygiene protocols. Most small children have trouble with the later. If your child has a frequent cough and is not yet reliable about coughing into their sleeve or a very runny nose, they are likely to expose others to the lingering virus. Please stay home until symptoms subside.

Weekly Classes

We have a very liberal make-up policy so please take advantage of that if your child (or you) is ill. 


Unfortunately it is not possible to do a makeup from camp.  See our camp policies for more details.

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Breathing Space takes public health and our responsibility for reducing spread of COVID-19 very seriously. To that end, we are requiring the following for all indoor classes:

Proof of vaccination required for participants ages 5+ for all indoor classes. No exceptions.

Vaccine cards, photos of vaccine cards, a government-provided digital record, or CLEAR vaccine validation can be emailed to at least 24 hours in advance of the first class or shown to the instructor before class. After the first time you show your card, we will put a note in your profile and you will not need to show proof again. 

We are not making health or any other exceptions to our vaccine policy at this time. We are requiring vaccinations of those who are eligible to protect those who are not.

While we strongly recommend vaccines for all who are eligible, we do not currently have a vaccine requirement for children younger than 5. We may update this as vaccines roll out.

We also strongly recommend booster shots. If your last shot or COVID infection was more than 3 months ago, it may be time for a booster. This is especially important for our prenatal students who are at increased risk of severe illness if they contract COVID. Find a DC vaccination site.

A well-fitted mask must be worn by participants ages 2+ according to the following policy based on COVID community transmission rates

Breathing Space will adjust mask policies based on DC’s community COVID infection levels using the following metric: 

image with the words low, medium, high on green, yellow and red backgrounds
  •  Green / Low  – masks will be optional in all classes.
  •  Yellow / Medium  – masks will be required in early childhood classes (0-4 yrs) where there are many unvaccinated participants and prenatal yoga due to higher risks posed by COVID during pregnancy.
  •  Red / High  – masks required by all participants ages 2+.

The city posts updates on Wednesdays, but not before our morning classes begin, so any changes based on the metric will take effect on Thursday for the following week.

Masks must be secure enough to stay above the nose and below the chin during movement without constant adjustment. Bandanas, neck gaters, and masks with vents are not acceptable.

Public Health Recommendation Compliance

In addition, by participating in class, you are attesting that you comply with DC’s COVID-19 mitigation recommendations and regulations to the best of your ability. 

  • Please do not attend class if you or family members are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or other communicable disease;
  • Unvaccinated students should not attend class if they have had a close contact exposure with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 until after receiving a negative test result taken 5 days after exposure. Vaccinated students should err on the side of caution but do not need to quarantine due to exposure alone;
  • All participants must mask for 10 days after exposure regardless of vaccination status.

Students will be asked to affirm the above conditions upon arrival at class each week.

We understand that the shifting guidance has been challenging to follow. Thankfully the CDC has a clear explanation page and a neat little calculator for figuring out quarantine and DC policies align with CDC. 

We will enforce our general illness policy.

No participant should be showing new or significant symptoms of any illness and must be free of fever or vomiting for more than 24 hours before attending class. Symptoms include frequent coughs and substantial runny noses.

We encourage families to use rapid tests to rule out COVID for even very mild symptoms or allergies. It’s allergy season, so sniffles, sneezing and occasional coughs are expected. Please use the many readily available rapid tests to confirm negative COVID status. Find a test.

When in doubt, mask up. If a participant ages 2+ is experiencing mild allergy symptoms, or recovering from an illness that is not COVID, and is occasionally coughing or sniffling, a mask should be worn. Participants too young to wear a mask or reliably cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing should stay home while they are showing symptoms.

Staff Vaccination

All BSFY public classes teaching staff for the Spring 2022 semester will be fully vaccinated and boosted.

Additional Risk Mitigation Efforts

Capacity and Distancing

Enrollment is limited. To maximize the space between participants, we may use marked spots or yoga mats to establish spacing. Please try to maintain this during class.

It is extremely difficult to maintain public-health-recommended distances with young children. That is why our vaccine and mask policy is stringent.

Air Circulation

Our HVAC is in good repair with filters replaced regularly. The fan will be “ON” during all indoor classes and for at least 15 minutes before and after class. Based on our HVAC capacity and cubic feet of the classroom, the air filtration turnover rate should be above recommended levels even with the system on low. In addition, we have installed three large air purifiers in the classroom, which will run continuously when classes are held and more than double the turnover-rate equivalence.

Supplies and Cleaning

While air transmission is believed much more significant than surface contamination for COVID-19, we are taking the following additional precautions:

Students encouraged to bring their own mats. We have some mats to spare, but to limit the amount of wiping-down teachers must do between classes, we are asking students who can to bring their own. Blankets and cushions for sitting on will be available as well. As always, please bring a baby blanket to put between our blankets and your child.

Wipe-down of high-touch surfaces. After each stack of classes, instructors will wipe down light switches, handles and door knobs with antimicrobial wipes.

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