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Early Childhood Yoga – Crawling through 4 years

Yoga helps babies, toddlers, and preschoolers explore movement milestones, gain confidence, build strength and fitness, learn a tool for self-regulation, connect with parents and caregivers, and set the foundation for healthy body attitudes and a fit lifestyle. Breathing Space baby, tot, and preschool classes feature a mix age-appropriate yoga poses, songs, stories and games.

We focus on:

  • moving and having fun,
  • exercises that enhance
    • coordination,
    • strength
    • and good posture,
  • brain-boosting activities, including connecting movements to words and music,
  • breath awareness, and
  • relaxation.

These parent-child classes are engaging and fun, encouraging each child to embrace their own unique expression of yoga poses while supporting their development and growth (Nannies, grandparents, and other caregivers welcome too).

Upcoming Classes

Registration Policies

  • Classes are usually offered in multi-class series, registration required - no drop-ins.
  • Late registration may be possible for the first 3 weeks of the semester. Fees automatically prorate.
  • Public venue classes are usually limited to 12 families. Please register early. Classes with insufficient enrollment a week in advance of course start may be cancelled.
  • Any of your child’s favorite grownups are welcome in this class – ie. mom, dad, grandparent, nanny. Up to two adults are welcome on weekly basis, and the same adult need not be present every time.
  • Siblings, twins, and nanny shares welcome. Sibling discount is automatic, but nanny share families must register individually and should both use the code NANNYSHARE10 for 10% off. Read more.
  • If students must miss a class, they are welcome to attend any other appropriate class as a makeup during the same semester, or bring a friend to class as a makeup. See makeup class FAQs for details.
  • Occasionally we offer a single date "pop-up" trial or makeup class. Advanced registration required, enrolled students may attend pop-ups as a makeup.

Still not sure if early childhood yoga is right for you? That’s why we have a no-risk registration policy. If you attend your first class and decide it’s not a good fit, we make it easy to drop a class series.  Read all of our class policies and FAQs.

Class Descriptions & Age Ranges

Tot Yoga (crawling - 24 mo)

Tot Yoga classes are engaging and fun for crawlers and walkers. We encourage each child to embrace their own unique expression of yoga poses while supporting their development and growth.

Parents and children playfully move together through poses, songs, and activities appropriate for crawlers and walkers. 

Little Family Yoga (21 mo - 4 yrs)

Yoga can help toddlers and preschoolers learn how to relieve frustration, improve motor skills, and increase attention span by actively following directions.

We incorporate imagination, songs, words and stories and age-appropriate postures and activities to support your preschooler’s growth and development while creating an enriching family activity.

Toddler Family Yoga (confident walking - 3 yrs)

This class for walking toddlers to 4-year-old preschoolers draws on material from both Tot and Little Family Yoga for this crossover age range.

“[Yoga] class is without question a highlight of our week...Our daughter was seven months when we started, and she has only grown more and more interested and engaged each week.  Jen creates a warm environment for babies to play and learn, consistently introducing new concepts, exercises and experiences that make every session different.  She also welcomes both parents to participate, and it has become a wonderful way for us to start our weekend together as a family.”

– Caroline, Tot Yoga parent

Jen has done an amazing job making yoga fun and accessible to toddlers and preschoolers. She takes the extroverts bouncing off the ceiling and the shy ones under grownups legs and manages to engage them all every class. Each class involves adventures to exciting locations, a menagerie of animal poses and a soothing "yoga rest" with bubbles.
- Danielle, Little Family Yoga parent

Early Childhood Yoga Frequently Asked Questions

Capitol Hill Presbyterian ChurchCamp Location - CHPCExterior of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church at 201 4th Street SE (map), hosts camps as well as occasional workshops. 

  • Breathing Space classes and camps are held in the Annex.
  • Enter via the 4th Street courtyard, past the steps down to the Washington Seminar Center. 
  • Street parking only. The church lot is reserved for staff and WSC guests.  There are meters along Pennsylvania Avenue and a pay parking lot between 2nd & 3rd Street off Penn.
  • Bikes and strollers may be parked in the courtyard.
  • Shoes can be left in the hallway before you enter the class.
  • Bathrooms are down the hallway to the right of the courtyard door. This door is locked during class but your instructor has the key.
  • The door to the Annex may be locked once class starts. If you arrive late, call the phone number posted on the door or rap loudly on the window to get the instructor’s attention. 
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Wildflower Yoga LogoBreathing Space is pleased to offer early childhood and family yoga classes in Cheverly through a partnership with Wildflower Yoga, Cheverly United Methodist Church is  is located at 2801 Cheverly Avenue (map). Yoga is offered on the 4th floor of the church.

Cheverly United Methodist Church

Location Notes

  • The church is located where Cheverly Avenue meets Forest Road. A dedicated parking lot is located directly behind the church, and CUMC prefers that you park there.** Once parked, follow the sidewalk to the driveway at the opposite side of the church (just past the smaller, stone church sign) and walk up the short flight of steps to the double doors. Go through the double doors, then up the stairs to the left. The yoga room will be in front of you.
  • If you have a stroller, you may leave it tucked in the breezeway to the right at the foot of the outside stairs if you prefer not to carry it up. The instructor can provide you with a stroller lock if you wish to secure it, but please bring all valuables indoors. If your stroller is small and light, you may also bring it upstairs with you. There is a large space outside the classroom doorway where it can be left. No strollers are allowed in the main yoga space.
  • Upon arrival, please remove shoes and leave them in the carpeted space outside the yoga room to preserve the lovely floors!

**There is some street parking available near the church. If you cannot manage the walk from the parking lot, you may park on the street. However, those spaces are used by people who live in the houses nearby and they–and the church–prefer we not use them unless it is necessary. Thanks for helping us be good neighbors!

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Christ Church – Washington Parish, which hosts many of our day off camps, is located at 620 G Street SE (map).Map illustration of Christ Church garden entranceChrist Church - Washington Parish - Capitol Hill DC

Classes are in the parish hall, most easily reached by the rear entrance. The parking lot/garden entrance off F Street Terrace SE between E & G and 6th& 7th Streets SE.

Christ Church is an easy walk from Eastern Market metro and bus stops. Car parking is very limited, but bike/stroller parking is plentiful. Street parking can also be found on G and E.

Strollers can be locked to the bike rack in the courtyard – contact us about the combination – or tucked into the hallways off the parish hall. 

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Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital at 921 Pennsylvania Avenue SE (map) hosts classes weekly early childhood yoga classes and occasional workshops.

Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital, Capitol Hill, Washington DC
Location Notes

  • Classes are most likely in the Art Room on the 1st floor. Check the info board by the reception office at the 9th Street entrance (ground floor.)
  • All strollers should be parked on the ground floor, near the kitchen. There is also a bicycle rack at the top of the 9th Street driveway.
  • Please plan to leave all non-valuable personal items outside or store them on the shelves in the classroom to keep the floors clear.  There will be a coat rack in the hallway outside the classroom for your coats and larger bags.
  • Hill Center is an easy walk from Eastern Market metro and bus stops.
  • Street parking can be found on Pennsylvania Avenue or E Street. Please do not park in the very small Hill Center lot. That is reserved for loading and staff use.
  • Parents and children should still wait on the ground floor for classes to start, if the room isn’t open yet. There is usually seating near the kitchen and always seating in reception.

Upcoming Classes at Hill Center

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Realignment Studio (lower level) at 641 Pennsylvania Ave SE (map) hosts our weekly prenatal yoga class as well as workshops. The studio is easily reached by the Eastern Market metro stop and several buses along Pennsylvania Avenue or 8th Street.St.

  • All of our classes on the lower level, down a flight of stairs. 
  • Both children and adults are kindly asked to remove shoes before entering the classroom space.
  • Most belongings can be left in reception area cubbies, but feel free to bring valuables into the room. Please pack dirty diapers away with you. 
  • Small folding strollers are welcome inside but please leave jogging-style or bulky strollers locked to the bike rack or otherwise secured outside. For safety reasons, strollers cannot be left in the stairway or on landings.Marks Church
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Shenanigans Art Space (lower level) at 316 F Street NE, lower level, hosts early childhood and family classes as well as workshops. The studio is convenient to Union Station and bus routes along Massachusetts Avenue or H Street.

The studio is down an external flight of stairs (on the right side of the building, see image below) and there is no lobby space to store strollers.

There is a bicycle rack outside for looking up bikes or strollers and we have a long cable lock students are welcome to use. Contact us about the combination. Small strollers that can be folded are welcome to be tucked out of the way downstairs.

photo of shenanigans, emptyshenanigans entry side


Note that the stairs to the studio are directly accessed from the outside on the right-hand side of the building. Please do not leave strollers or bicycles in the stair walkway.
picture of building with stairs arrow


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St Marks Episcopal Church is located at at 301 A St SE (map), just a block off Pennsylvania Ave SE and a few blocks walk from Union Station.  

Exterior of St Marks ChurchThe most prominent part of the building is the Nave, or sanctuary. To access the dance studio (or undercroft for camp), enter through the A-Street courtyard. Use the door by the bike racks and take the stairs or elevator to the left of the entry way.

  • Tuesday early childhood and baby yoga classes are held in the dance studio on the second floor.
  • Strollers can be left in the lobby downstairs or brought up and stored outside of the studio door.
  • Please remove shoes before entering the dance studio.
  • Bathrooms are on the lobby level.
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StudioOne Dance is located at 511 11th St SE, Washington, DC 20003.

Location Notes:
The space is located at ground level and strollers may be stored in the lobby.

Please remove your shoes before entering the dance studio, and stow your gear in the lobby benches. Feeding babies–breast or bottle–is always welcome, but please only bring formula or water in covered bottles into the studio space!

Feeding babies–breast or bottle–is always welcome, but please only bring formula or water in covered bottles into the studio space!

If the door is locked when you arrive, please knock loudly–we’ll be able to hear you from the studio!

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Class are held in the 1st floor community room of The Townhomes On Capitol Hill, 750 6th St SE, Washington, DC 20003. 

This is just a few blocks south of Eastern Market just north of the SE Freeway. 

There is limited room for strollers in th lobby. Strollers and bikes can also be locked outside. Please remove shoes before entering the community room

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